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So happy to see you here! I started this website in 2020, it was driven by Wellness and Aesthetics passion and a wish to show beauty and wisdom of India & UAE with the underlying idea of being kind to our planet.


Margo Samant


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My name is Margo Samant, and I’m on an intriguing expedition as a wellness enthusiast and health coach! My role is to inspire and support people in their wellness journey.

Originally from Moscow, I frequently to-and-fro between Dubai and Nashik (India) with my husband and 4 yo daughter. In the last 5 years, we have moved quite a bit around the world, living in 4 different countries; the USA (Miami), the UK (London), India (Mumbai, Nashik), and UAE (Dubai). Our travels keep enriching me with different cultures, experiences, aesthetics, and food (favorite part). I love Asian food, especially Indian food, and I can help you cook khichdi or borsch.

The heart of my being is to invest in people’s hearts. So, I will keep sharing stories that inspire us to live an authentic life filled with love and joyous experiences. Needless to say, you will find my honest support when you need it.

My next ambitious wish is to garner a community where young people and parents with kids can enjoy cooking together, explore ways to make food a bonding activity, and invest in healthy habits. I want to make food a nourishing and fun topic!  Margo Samant, signature, nude, nude magazine, nmag, lifestyle magazine, Indian lifestyle blog



P.S: This website was initially named NUDE.in.; the idea behind it was to be true to its unique nature with a bit of provocativeness in its name. But unfortunately, in India, any erotic context is looked down upon and is often prohibited. And when I moved to Dubai, I realized I had so much more to say about many different things. So now, margosamant.com is free from borders, and our team is pumped to give their 2 cents about all the exciting gubbins in the wellness world.