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Color Theory: Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone

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We all have a question what are the best colors to wear for me? How do I choose colors the right colors for my skin, eyes and hair.

We live in a sacred world of the internet where we wish to buy things online with the comfort of our pyjamas and messed up hair and honestly, it does feel like a perk. But haven’t we all had that moment, when we’d helplessly uttered – “It looked so good on the model?” or “it looked very different online yaar”! How to choose what colors to wear? If this has happened with you too, then probably this write-up will help you avoid those annoying instances big time.

Color theory is a tool used often by big fashion brands, stylists, makeup artists and personal shoppers. It’s a concept of bringing the natural colors of your eye, hair and skin in harmony with clothes and makeup.

So, let’s further break-it down. Based on factors such as hair, eye and skin colour, every individual can be categorized under winter, summer, spring or autumn. This means that all colours are broken down into two brackets- Hue and Value.

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Hue & Temperature

Hue is the undertone of your skin which could be cool or warm whereas Value is the colour of your eye and hair which could be light or dark. So, the next question is how do we figure out which color tone are we?

This is where we have two ways – one is the white paper test wherein you hold a white paper against your skin to understand if your shade falls into warm or light. The other method is where you just put your arm out and compare it with friends and siblings. This together with your hair and eye colour will help you understand the season you are. The season definition is as follows:

1)         Cool undertone + Dark Hair and eye colour – Winter

2)         Warm undertone + Light Hair and eye colour – Spring

3)         Cool Undertone + Light Hair and eye colour – Summer

4)         Warm Undertone + Dark Hair and eye colour – Autumn

The same concept is used when you shop online and go Wow! This looks so good and the material seems great. But color theory helps you to be smart and not fall prey of the marketing strategies where they choose models (undertone of skin together with hair and eye color) and backgrounds to accentuate the appeal of the clothing.

When you are buying  clothes in big online brands such as Zara, Mango or H&M you can see that they make the same clothes items in different colors on different models so you can find a model whose hair and skin color tone looks similar to you.

This further helps you pick makeup such as lipsticks, blush, eye shadow, etc. which will in turn complement the entire harmony of colours. Though this concept takes a little bit of getting used to, once your eyes are trained, you will be able to figure out the “off-thing” about your outfits. Also, this fuels your personality upliftment in general; you always find clothes with ease that make you look outstanding and are bound to make you feel more confident about yourself.

Colour therapy also helps in decluttering wardrobes and helps you get rid of articles which you felt, would look great and didn’t work well with the color tones. Color theory prevents you from further buying things that don’t work that well and choosing the right product in the first go.

This concept helps you to click amazing pictures too, as it helps you to get the best color for your outfits, make-up and props.

This is definitely one skill every fashion conscious individual should have in their armour! Every time you look at something, you’ll be able to envision exactly how something will complement your body…how therapeutic is that!


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