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Closet Cleanup – 3 Easy Ways to Get Organized

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Are you someone who literally has to dig through the closet to find that favourite dress? Or the socks you had been saving up for that party? Do you frequently end up going on a scavenger hunt that results in bringing down the entire closet leaving you either late for that meeting or irritatingly exhausted? 

Well this clearly means that it’s time to declutter the Pandora’s Box and bring back that peace of mind through closet clean-up.

We at have been victims of such a process time and again, and so to help you out (read us), we have noted down a few ways that can help you get a well-arranged closet, thereby making space for those gorgeous pair of stilettos which are on their way to be delivered.

Let’s dive straight into it…

Sorting the unsorted

We start with some hard-decision making; don’t close this article already, hear us out; it’s a bit cumbersome, but the results are breath-taking! Start by pulling out all the elements of your closet in a pile and follow it up with some sorting of what needs to go where. 

Some important questions to ask yourself that will simplify your decision making process: “Have you worn it in the last six months?” If yes, then keep it and If no we got more questions to answer. “Are you holding onto it ‘coz of sentimental value or because it was expensive?” If it has sentiments that hold special place in your life then go on and keep it; if it’s expensive and looks great on you and you have been saving it for that “right realistic moment” then place it somewhere where you could see it and eventually find that perfect moment to put it on.

If it doesn’t fit or was a gift that you weren’t fond of… but still in great shape or if it could be fixed, maybe think about donating it or giving it to someone who fit it’s taste. Often it’s nice to give out things to people who would actually need it like charities, shelter homes or donation camps. Or organize that sleepover with your friends and exchange what you can and make that sleepover extra special with those runway walks.

Lastly, if you haven’t worn it and you can’t return it or salvage it then…it’s time to “TOSS IT”.

Source: (We can have a similar infographic created to go with the blog)


Reorganize and re-arrange

The biggest reason why we often misplace things or have trouble finding the right thing is because we don’t have a designated space for a lot of our belongings; or we aren’t arranging it in the best way possible. It’s imperative to create space for things which you use often; on the other hand it’s critical to define boundaries for things which are bare essentials.

Try folding clothes, socks and the intimate clothing in a way that they stand up on their sides. This helps you to envision what goes with what and you could always whisk through those colour options according to your mood or event without having to unfold or mess up the conventional pile.  You could also bring in smart hacks into your lifestyle, such as stick-on hooks for your purses, belts and scarves. 

Categorized Wicker baskets which help you sort that miscellaneous, can be a game changer and takes away the unnecessary hunting of trivial items such as the “favourite nail clipper with the perfect filer”.  

Try to arrange your shoe collection on stackable mounts so that you can always look at them and be proud of your choices. Try to optimize your living space by bringing in functional pieces such as built-in compartmentalized drawers which help you to sort out your accessories so that you don’t miss your breakfast because you were busy untangling your favourite necklace.


Bring-back that balance

It’s essential to understand that often, events in our lives and our reactions to them are an outcome of the domino effect, and bringing a system to storing articles often rules out most of those negative reactions.

S0, after you are done cleaning up that closet you will realize you have more space to fit in things you need and enough storage for rest. You will start to feel lighter and more confident about your decision making. Such organizational skills can help you bring a bigger change in life and cultivate habits which would make you stand out in your day-today life. Imagine having a clean closet, which is so clean and sorted that you always know where to find what….thinking about it in itself is such a calm feeling…isn’t it?

This helps you in making time for things that actually matter, like that blog you wanted to write about “organizing life through simple ways” (lol) or saving yourself from that last minute hassle of ironing your shirt which was cornered and buried deep down by your other cool clothes.

Lastly, we as humans are often resistant to bringing in the change and often fall off the bandwagon of “changing your life in a week” but it’s important to understand that this is not an overnight miracle or “I will get to it soon” scenario; It’s a way of life, and like all other things you get better at it one day at a time eventually acing it organically.

According to Marie Kondo (writer of “The life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”) some of her client’s acne cleared up and some of them lost weight because they had one less thing to worry or stress about and their self-perception improved once they started living in a clean and neat surrounding”

So pick a day, where you find yourself free for a couple of hours. Take a deep breath, open that closet and get to work. We assure you; thirty minutes into the clean-up activity, you’d start feeling happiness that you never thought existed in a clean-up process! 

Happy Closet Clean-Up!


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