Does Hair Oiling Work? We Investigate…

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From the constant nagging of mom and grandma, to the gentle and (sometimes) apocalyptic reminders, to watching endless influencer videos – hair oiling has been the cornerstone of getting an instant upgrade on your hair quality, since forever…however, the fundamental itch remains the same – Does Oiling Actually Work?

With a vast volume of content available, it’s time to find solutions to some of our head scratching questions before we lose our hair due to all the stress.

Like the ever-changing science and technology around us, living habits and lifestyles have taken a shift too. Over-pressing, straightening, curling and that hair colour change every now and then has become a normal affair (Lets be honest we want it all…right?)

But this constant re-inventing of styles by using different synthetic or “so called organic” products often takes a toll on your hair quality and its health. Also, there is a constant debate of how long to keep that hair oiled or if that oil is blocking up the scalp oxygen intake. So, lets try and figure out what’s good and what’s not.

Many hair- care experts have discovered that oiling your hair has a multi-dimensional effect on the quality of hair. It helps in taking away the frizzy-ness of hair and makes it more resilient. This eventually helps in reducing the chances of split-ends and breakage. Hair oiling also helps in forming a protective layer which is really helpful when it comes to standing out in the sun for long hours or blow-drying it for that extra bouncy look. While looking great is on the agenda, sacrificing the quality of your hair and scalp is not; hence it’s important to use the right amount of oil.

Prolonged onset of the oil on the scalp can alter the pH levels which is regulated by the production of natural-oils in our body. This means, a too-dry scalp will cause body to produce more oil, making your hair greasy and the pores to loosen up, while on the other hand too much oil will hinder the production of the natural oils making for decreased blood flow to the scalp. This messed-up pH level can lead to hair fall, itchy scalp and our infamous friend “dandruff”. So, it’s very important to use the right amount of hair oil and use mild base shampoos to get that gunk out of your head which otherwise just attracts more dirt and deteriorates the quality of hair.

Also, it is important to know the power of stimulus and our body’s reaction to it. In simpler words, the famous “oil champi” can do wonders and help stimulate the scalp to increase blood circulation towards your scalp which in-turn can help in re-activating those hair follicles and help in absorption of the nutrients. While using the right products is vital, it is also critical to feed your body with the right palette of balanced food and nutrients which helps in the strengthening of hair strands from within.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that oiling of hair and massaging it well can make for head-muscle relaxation, caused due to those extra hours of work and stresses of life. Also, let’s be honest… stress has never been a great friend to us or our beloved hair.

So put on some calm music, take out that bottle of oil cornered by all those expensive yet chemically rich hair products, give yourself that much needed massage and let your happiness find the route back to its roots.


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