5 Habits for Shiny and Healthy Hair

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Healthy and “good hair days” are synonymous with confidence and making sharper impressions. But with the fast-paced life – hair thinning, dryness, easy breakage and damage seems to be more common than before. It’s no secret that having healthy, lush hair requires healthy habits that require small tweaks to our lifestyle. Not to worry, we got you covered. The following easy habits will help you avoid bad-hair days and bring back stronger, healthier and shinier hair in no time.


1. Brushing the hair

Make it a habit to brush your hair when it’s dry. This encourages even spreading the natural oils of the scalp and detangling knots in a healthier way (compared to wet hair). Wet hair is usually susceptible to more hair damage and breakage…leaving more hair on the brush. Brushing your hair before showers can help you get smoother and “ready to style” hair in one go…sounds like a genius idea!


2. Condition unconditionally

Many people have this misconception regarding conditioners – “they are advised but not required”, which means shampooing alone shall get the job done. Well, to “condition” your hair and scalp with the required hydration, a conditioner is truly imperative. Make sure to apply conditioner after shampoo all the way to the hair-tips and let it soak in for a good one minute, and then rinse it off. It will provide a nice moisturized feeling to your hair whilst locking in the needed hydration.


3. Read the ingredients

With an ocean of products giving, you daunting looks in the haircare aisle, the selection process can be very overwhelming. The idea is not to be fooled by the attractive packaging but the ingredient list. The key is to avoid harsh chemicals and look out for options that strengthen your hair and contain nourishing elements such as argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil or spirulina.


4. Clean eating

The quality of our hair is predominantly governed by what we put in our diet. As we know, our hair is mostly made up of keratin which is a type of protein, so eating a protein-rich diet can aid in keeping up lush, voluminous hair. Incorporating food products such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, soya, berries together with essential vitamins and minerals can boost collagen production, strengthening hair strands. Check out our article” How to start clean eating”.


5. Turn down the heat

As relaxing as it may sound, taking hot showers can cause more damage than relief to your hair. The use of hot water regularly can irritate your scalp and take away your hair’s strength as it grows. A quick cold-water rinse can help seal up hair cuticles, shield the shine and avoid dandruff trouble which may lead to hair fall.

Though adopting healthy habits to take care of your hair is essential, hair trouble is often an outcome of our internal system’s faulty functioning, which includes what we eat and how we feel. Stressing won’t solve any problem; relax and calm yourself…maybe meditate a little and find the sync within. All this will surely help you in regaining those gorgeous tresses and staying beautiful as always!


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