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Decor Secrets for Creating a Sexier Bedroom

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Well, if we were to ask you about the most important space of your house, the chances of the Bedroom getting the most votes is all but inevitable. And rightfully so; because bedrooms have the inert ability to manufacture an atmosphere, a mood, where intimacy can thrive, where one can dive right into their vulnerabilities, and come out feeling more positively energized.

Therefore, designing the perfect bedroom, one that reflects your true personality and is an extension of your wishes, is imperative.

Today, we’ve decided to spill out some secrets that will help you spruce up that intimacy factor in the bedroom (warning: getting out of bed can get increasingly difficult if you start to bring in these changes). Let’s get right into it.


High-Quality Bedding

The nucleus of a good bedroom interior is the right bedding (it’s called ‘bed’ room for a reason; duh!). Fondle-worthy soft bedding made out of good cotton or bamboo fiber makes for a great start. Covering your mattress with a plain yet posh blanket will exude luxury that will lead to a good mood and great sleep. Also, get rid of those excess throw pillows that can come off as potential barriers; rather, go for a few soft pillows that elevate the idea of cuddling.

Make it multi-sensorial

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1. Cybil table lamp, Rs 16’800 from Iqrup & Ritz; 2. Tangier wall scone, Rs 6’018 from Iqrup & Ritz; 3. Ganga Incense Sticks, Rs 375 from Forest Essentials; 4. Mireya table lamp, Rs 11’500 from Glass Forest; 5. Glass woodspice candle, Rs 650 from Nappa Dori;

Your bedroom should speak of a multi-sensorial experience, where enlivening all our senses should be the ultimate goal. For starters, the sense of smell lies at the core of sensuousness; naturally scented candles, oils, and incense always add an alluring charm to the ambiance.

Go for something that walks between soothing and seductive; featured notes include sandalwood, ginger, and lavender.

Now, when we talk about the sense of sight, make sure to Light it Right; Warm lighting creates a comforting atmosphere; when arranged properly can lift your spirits and infuse a sense of mystique to your bedroom. A mix of wall and table lamps amalgamated with layered lighting (dimmers) is often the way to go in the bedroom.

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1. French country table lamp stand and banana tree lampshade, starts at Rs 3’690 from Gulmohare Lane; 2. Tangier wall scone, Rs 6’018 from Iqrup & Ritz; 3. Matchbox check at your local store; 4. Glass table lamp, Rs 29’500 from Klove Studio; 5. Fine fragrance candle Moon Set, Rs 1’600 from Bombay Perfumery; 6. Niva candle, Rs 900 from Nitara Ceramics; 7. Shiva light and smoke dome, Rs 9’500 from Design Temple;

Power of Texture:

Go for a balanced and appealing design that adds visual depth to your bedroom. Smoother textures bring a sleeker, more sophisticated style to a room, so go for palpable items like lounge chairs and cashmere throws.

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1. Chaadar cashmere throw, Rs 132,900 from Andraab; 2. Lush velvet pillow cover, Rs 2’800 from Westelm; 3. Carter armchair, Rs 91’632 from Iqrup & Ritz;

Look at creating a calm, collected space that absorbs sound through area rugs, quilts, or with fabrics like suede, microfiber, chenille, or corduroy.

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1.Jaipur wunderkammer wool and viscose rug 8×10 ft, Rs 126’000 from Jaipur Rugs; 2. Pink mohair throw, Rs 5’800 from The Pillow Company; 3. Sapphire lounge chair, Rs 49’000 from Josmo Studio;

Clean is sexy

Hate to talk about a buzzkill, but a messy room is a strict no-no. Keep your clothes folded (make space for a wardrobe that has a lot of storage space for you to tuck away all the clutter), the floor vacuumed, and all your surfaces dry, neat, and clean.

Make your bedroom your inner sanctum by keeping all non-bedroom activities OUT of the bedroom; remember, your bedroom is a retreat from all the other stuff you do in your life.

Bedroom Design; when done right, can not only offer a soothing, cozy respite from the constant activity of our modern lives, it can also prove to be a melting pot of various lifestyle benefits too – right from great mental health to an increase in productivity.

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