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Simple Ways to Make your Diwali Home More Eco-Friendly

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With all the craziness 2020 has had on offer, Diwali is most definitely one giant joy ride people are looking forward to. We all deserve that extra piece of mithai to have survived the worst part of the storm.

However, going berserk on those firecrackers will never sound like a fancy idea to us. We believe in the idea of celebrity, the festival of lights with inner warmth.

For us, Diwali festival has always been a symbol of bringing harmony and synergy to our lives…channelling the light from within and pushing the darkness away.

Today, we are going to touch upon a few facets of this festival, which bring the most amount of happiness to us, since we tweak them around to feel closer to mother nature. These can easily be achieved by y’all too if you follow the following eco-friendly Diwali trends:


This time of the year calls for spirituality and love for colors. Try to bring earthly tones together with pop of colors and experiment the vibe of your home space. Reach out to local art vendors to consult and bring in different Indian art forms such as Madhubani, Thanjavur, etc. to lighten up every corner of your Diwali house. Use of earthy fragrances can also enhance the décor factor.

Light it up

Candles and diyas can completely transform the entire feel of a space. Try to multiply the joy of sharing by making homemade Diwali candles and customized diyas…use organic earthen diyas to help small businesses and nurture the environment.

Sugar Rush

Diwali festivities are incomplete if we don’t indulge into sweet delicacies. This gives us another opportunity to try our hands on some healthier and tastier sweets at home. Use of dried edible flowers and nuts can take your sweet game to next level. Use of local fruits and natural flavors can bring in the freshness to a rich celebration meal.

Gifts of Joy

Though meeting and sharing gifts could be difficult sometimes…this helps small businesses to bridge that gap for all of us. Send your loved one’s- handmade Diwali cards, organic soaps, ceramic cutlery, artisan chocolates or apparels (home grown labels). One could buy or gift polaroid cameras to create albums with memories in physical form (Helps you save all that space in your phone).

Dress to sparkle

Let’s be honest, most the joy of the Diwali festivities is because of all the things you get to buy and indulge. Make sure to bring in festive colors and Indian hairdos to have that perfect picture moment. Addition of ethnic jewellery can be a game changer.

Remember to have fun with your family and spend quality time over great food and sweets. Let these festivals be that sacred moment for all of us that relaxes and takes us away from our busy lives and endless meetings. Stay safe…healthy and be kind to nature.

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