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For the Soul, Style and Décor: 5 Discoveries in September

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Confined indoors by a beautiful and breezy monsoon, I had plenty of time to browse the net, which led to some thrilling discoveries. The lockdown has been hard on everyone but the silver lining is that it has also paved the way for many new projects and opportunities. I’ve put together a roundup of a few of my favourite new brands, online and offline.


The Pure Concept Home

One of my professional avatars is an interior designer. India has really fuelled this side of my career with its wide array of textures, fabrics and overall quality of materials. My work on a new tree house project got me looking for the perfect set of sheer curtains and that search led me to discover


I was so impressed by what I saw online that I actually visited the store and was not disappointed. Inviting and thoughtfully designed, the store is a gold mine of fabrics, furniture and other décor essentials. I was particularly taken in by their upholstery and drapes catalogue, which also includes a couple of Sabyasachi albums.


Their consultants and overall service also deserves a sepcial mention for being attentive and knowledgable. The overall aesthetic is very modern and minimal and the experience can only be describes as sensorial. I insist you go!

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Malie was such a joyful find. This clothing brand is delightfully feminine, sexy and comfortable. A deep dive into their website informed me that it is the love child of a couple that hails from Delhi and Copenhagen and the designs are hence a confluence of the two cultures. They really embrace colour and use natural fabrics and recycled materials for their packaging, which is a bonus!

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India finally has a bedroom essentials brand that is playful, clean and sexy! The brand was set up by a husband and wife duo who wanted to “change the bedroom experience” as they’ve quoted on their website. Ive tried the massage oils and one of their ‘Spark’ candles (the Jasmine and Ylang flavor) and both are fantastic. They use clean ingredients, their packaging in minimalistic yet fun and the products really supply the good vibes for an intimate experience. This is an exciting addition to the Indian landscape and a great shop to start exploring your bedroom vibe.

Burning Spark candle placed on two marble pieces with its packaging box placed behind


Chakra healing

I have always been interested in wellness practices and alternative forms of healing. On this journey of seeking I came across Chakra healing with a Maana, a very gentle and sensitive soul who uses more than 20 modalities including angel taro reading, which we covered in this article.

Maana’s gift is that she can receive and translate the message from the soul and the body by using chakra healing that then leads to balance. It’s been a beautiful, deep and fulfilling experience with Maana. As a second part to this, I will also share an interview with Maana where she talks about her experiences and I elaborate on mine.


Nmag shop!

Last but not the least! We’re so happy to announce that we have finally launched our online store! Here you will find my carefully curated artworks and posters that draw inspiration from the beautiful, free-flowing shapes and creations of mother earth. These are modern and minimalistic designs that speak of a simplicity in nature. And of course they are printed on natural paper that contains 30% recycled fibres


It is an amalgamation of art with nature and we all love our time with nature, don’t we? The chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves  and fresh air! It’s therapeutic for our body, mind and soul. I am lucky to be living amidst nature, but I know, most of us are restricted by our geometric urban life.


I am sure that these posters will add positivity and joy to your room by bringing some of the beautiful outdoors indoors.


Margo Samant


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