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Beauty trends that take care of your health and the environment are worth pursuing. A regular part of both men and women’s daily lives is their grooming and beauty routine. This everyday ritual is probably an involuntary nature for many of us; ergo, we need to think about its impact on the environment. We are kinder to our skin in choosing products, then why not be more considerate to our lovely planet.

Here are some tips for your beauty regime that will make a difference if you go eco-friendly.


Wipe the cotton wipes

Cotton is the most pesticide-doused crop on the planet. Besides the toxin thing, cotton isn’t great for skincare. The wipes that we use are bad at keeping our skin hydrated and clean. They are made of a combination of polypropylene, polyester, and rayon fibres that are not biodegradable. However, beauty brands have come out with eco-friendly alternatives like washable wipes and soft muslin face cloth that could be used and reused to remove makeup or apply your cleanser!


Go local

You heard it right. Buying cosmetics from the local market is beneficial. First, there is a great demand for products that suit Indian skin types and hair. Second, the local companies tap into the country’s centuries-old repertoire of ayurvedic and other eco-friendly natural and safe remedies to use on skins.
Check out our article about cool organic Indian brands here.


Save water

The most basic and simple thing we tend to avoid is keeping the water tap on while brushing, washing face etc. It is in our reach and is avoidable. We can also go for waterless cosmetics.

This trend has been in the works for a few years now. Many companies are pledging to reduce their water footprint to varying degrees. The waterless formulation will continue to be a sustainable choice as it supports the most significant environmental preservation.


Reuse, refill & recycle

While shopping for sustainable beauty is the ultimate goal, recycling all empty beauty containers is still essential to avoid waste. Many stores are ready to take back beauty product empties. This eco-friendly initiative helps the consumer to save up to 30% on the purchase. Altering our beauty habits to shop cleaner ingredients conscientiously and plastic-free packaging is an excellent start to changing the way we buy beauty products.


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Choose the right sunscreen

The right sunscreen is the one that is safe for both – skin and nature. Certain sun lotions harm the environment. It impacts the entire ecosystem and put the reefs at risk of dying off. We should be careful while purchasing such products. Always look for a coral icon on the packaging. An increasing number of brands are creating reef-safe and ocean-friendly sunscreens.


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Buy only essentials

Be conscious on your cosmetics and beauty products shopping. Before you go on a spree, research on how you can make your beauty routine eco-friendly. Essential skincare products that include a cleanser, antioxidant serums and an SPF cream are the basic needs. Whereas, other products if not necessary, can be avoided.


Use a tumbler

We can reduce plastic and protect the planet by using reusable glass tumblers for keeping hot drinks or water bottles. People who follow a proper water drinking regime can use this instead of plastic bottles. And, we know how staying hydrated is the elixir of a mindful beauty routine! Simply put, a reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce, thereby decreasing the carbon footprint and the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams, and other places where the plastic waste ends.


Scrub away microbeads

The facial exfoliator contains microbeads. These are tiny plastic balls that are small enough to slip through sewage plant filters and ultimately pollute waterways. In addition, marine wildlife can mistake microbeads for food, which means humans could inadvertently consume them by eating them. So, choose exfoliants with natural abrasives (sugar and sea salt crystals, coffee particles). And for the face – enzymatic and acid peels, jojoba granules are also worth a try! Our choice of shower essential is here

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Kessa glove


Switch to shampoo bars

Shampoos in bottles come with fancy packaging and a glossy, creamy texture.

A mammoth amount of plastic is generated with the bottles and caps, which is really toxic to the environment as plastic takes years to decompose.

Shampoo Bars are a fantastic eco-friendly switch in your haircare routine.

They come in cold-pressed and glycerin-based varieties that are SLS free and gentle on the scalp. Apart from that, shampoo bars are the right decision in the right direction as with no plastic and frills – it is good for the environment!


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So, start your sustainability journey and discover how your beauty routine could be made more eco-friendly with just minor changes in your choices!



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