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A Yogini’s Morning Routine #Inspiration

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What makes a good-morning a great one?

Ask Tanvi Mehra and her answer will speak of activities like eating a generous plate of fruits, listening to an intriguing podcast, and going for that leisure walk.

Well, we all know that a good morning routine helps in being productive, feeling organized, achieving goals, and spending the rest of the day with confidence. Who doesn’t want a routine that empowers freshness and inspires a positive, peaceful start to the day? We all do. But most often than not find ourselves snoozing the alarms and snuggling a bit more tightly into our bedsheets.

So, let’s roll back a little and find out the nitty-gritty that goes behind setting up and acing that perfect morning routine.

Nude brings you the AM Routine of Tanvi Mehra, a professional dancer and a certified yoga teacher who with her pure commitment and passion for yoga and dance, started Tangerine Arts Studio and is providing fitness-lovers easy access to varied workout routines within one venue.


1. Early start

I wake up to my alarm at 6 am.

Doing light stretches (on the bed itself) to release my spine (plus my slumber feels) and get my system flowing for the morning hours.

I make it a point to fold my bedsheet, as in my mind that is the cue to the brain that the day has started and it’s time to get active. It’s my ritual to take charge of my day, as it’s the first activity that makes me feel organized and responsible.


2. Morning basics

Then I quickly complete my essentials like – brushing teeth, freshening up, and washing my face.

I only apply pure coconut cold-pressed oil to my face. (emphasizing)

It’s truly a clean and magic potion which I use before bedtime every day.

Then I have a warm glass of water to hydrate my body and flush out all the toxins.

Post that I begin teaching my morning batches of yoga, 7-10 am, which constitutes my passion, and it is my daily dose of physical activity for the morn! (smiling)

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3. Nurturing

Then I sit to enjoy my massive plate of fruits that include berries like blueberries, strawberries, chikoos, guavas, papayas, grapes, pomegranate – basically whatever is available according to season and local market.

I eat all kinds of fruits with coconut water on the side for breakfast.

It is indeed my generous portion of a healthy, satisfying meal to nourish my body.

Talking about nourishment, I also nourish my brain with a reasonable 30-minute read.

It is also something that sets a positive mindset for me in the morning.

Reading books associated with yoga and wellness encourages me to understand and learn varied perspectives and keep the learning curve alive and fed!

I am currently enjoying the “Light on Life” by B.K.S Iyengar – a yogic journey to wholeness, inner peace, and ultimate freedom. It is written with the depth of the sage’s great wisdom.

Finally, I walk to my studio every day, a 10-minute leisure distance from my house, listening to podcasts. Yet another activity that makes it to my morning routine (laughing). I prefer bite-sized content associated with wellness, health, diet, intriguing facts about the brain.

Once at the studio, the day at work begins – attending team meetings, brainstorming on marketing collaterals, and more, with a “go get it” attitude. My AM routine sets me up for a productive and accomplished day!


So, what can we pick-up from Tanvi’s morning routine?

  • A simple trick (light stretches) to get rid of that early morning lethargy
  • A humble habit (folding your bedsheet) to take charge of the day
  • Some magic potions (Cold Press Oil + Warm Water) to feel fresh & hydrated
  • A wholesome breakfast (Plate of Fruits) that nourishes the body
  • An activity or two (Reading a book or listening to a podcast) that helps in curating perspectives

Taking the time to refine our morning routine could set us up for an active and more fulfilling day. We hope Tanvi’s healthy routine brought some inspiration to find your happy place each morning with a routine that suits you the best!


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