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Gave acting and dancing a shot… and never looked back! Mukti Mohan has always been attracted to the stage and inclined towards performing.

Sitting by the pond amidst the beauty of pink blushes of the growing lotuses, we are thrilled to share nibbles of an indulging and engaging conversation between the very talented Mukti and Margo Samant, as she shares with us all things about her daily life, skin regime and fitness secrets in all honesty.


Let’s begin first with, how has WFH (Work from Home) been for you?

Well, a lot of people think it’s a little more relaxed and laid back, but that’s not the case.

There’s no definitive end to our workdays, you know?

You’re available, you’re free, and you don’t have anywhere else to be.

To be honest, some days, I just wait to turn off the tripod or my laptop and just hit the sack.

Mukti Mohan, interview, lifestyle, bollywood, beautiful, actress, dancer, Mohan sisters, Mohan, influencer

Mukti Mohan at The Source at Sula Vineyards in Nashik

You spilt reality…we echo the same thought!

Most definitely, I agree we’ve skipped the hassle of traffic and all the drama, but we’re saddled with so much more.

Don’t take it as a complaint…But I feel that we all need some time off to be inspired, to reflect, and introspect.

Absolutely, we all need those hours to just unwind for our body and soul’s sanity!

So what is that you do?

I do yoga in the morning to align my body. I can’t do without it.

For dancers, I believe the floor, Mother Earth is your best friend.

So, lying on the flat ground and aligning my body is very important for me.

If you do it right, you can sweat just by lying on the ground.

Mukti Mohan, interview, lifestyle, bollywood, beautiful, actress, dancer, Mohan sisters, Mohan, influencer, nature

Mukti Mohan at The Source at Sula Vineyards in Nashik

Wow! Being mindful, accepting the present by surrendering to mother nature… that sounds like a special practice.

Could you tell us more?

Well, I trained Bharatnatyam for 9 years.

We are taught to become more aware and take inspiration from everything around us.

One of the basics of Bharatnatyam is breath training. More than anything else I believe in my breath, and if I feel like somewhere in my body, there’s a block or something, I feel the need to release it – maybe yawn or stretch.


That just makes you so connected to your body… to know so much, to act upon it.

These days we all yearn for it, but it’s a long road…

(Agrees) It’s a struggle and where I’m at today is a by-product of a decade of giving attention to my body and being mindful. I’m very aware of my body.

When we were younger, it was fine.

But as the years have gone by, I feel like I’m more aware of my body.

Now if something is off, I sense it instantly. I’ll wonder why this muscle feels sore, or why this part of my body hurts, instinctively.

Beautiful! Describe us your Bharatnatyam training days…

I started training very early on. There is a lot of storytelling in classical dance forms, so we were taught the three patakas – varied gestures with different meanings.

All this training helped me in becoming aware.

So, you must have vested a lot in moulding your body for it?

I will explain to you truthfully.

Inherently, our muscles are easy, but we’ve complicated them.

It’s all about ‘Use it, or you’ll lose it’, right?

If you keep using it, it’s with you. So whatever dance form it may be, even basic training and asanas will help you become aware. You’ll know whether yesterday you did better than today.

Look, every day is different.

The sun or the moon don’t look the same every day, and neither will your body.

All you need to do is try to align it with your body and maintain a sense of balance.

I am thoroughly enjoying the easy flow with which you can express it.


Honestly, I’m really grateful to my teachers for putting in the effort to train us.

While back in the day I wasn’t completely on board with it, I’m so grateful that my teachers were so encouraging.

When I look back, I realize that they’ve made my life so much easier by teaching me these important fundamentals.

It has made it easy for me to connect and understand whether my breath or posture is off.

Mukti Mohan, interview, lifestyle, bollywood, beautiful, actress, dancer, Mohan sisters, Mohan, influencer, nature, beauty

Mukti Mohan at The Source at Sula Vineyards in Nashik

What you’re saying just feels so advanced. It must have taken a lot of time to get here and make it a habit?

Yeah, it’s a long-term commitment.

There’s no 7-day crash diet. (laughs)

At the end of a week, you won’t be all ready to do a handstand. Nobody can do that!

Another truth bomb! Loving this!

But Kudos, for you have achieved something so significant at such a young age.

Thank you.

We are intrigued now… what about skincare?

Do you have something special that’s a part of your beauty routine?

Ah, these days I’ve stopped using creams and lotions, and kind of moved on to oils.

Almond oil and walnut oil are great for your skin.

They boost collagen production, and if you massage it well, it’ll give you great results.

In the industry, we wear make-up for such long periods of time.

It’s extravagant because that’s how you have to dress.

Yeah, you need to look the part.

Yes, exactly!

But then maintaining that is a little difficult.

Your skin wants to breathe, but you don’t let it.

So, when I’m finally back home, replenishing my skin becomes a top priority. Earlier I was all about the creams and face packs and the magical elixirs from this company or that one, but now I use oils. (laughs)

Nice! So, what would be your advice to our readers on skincare?

Remember that the magic is in you.

If you manage to find that balance within yourself, it’s truly magical.

Just look at trees, they’re all so different. We’re just like those trees, right?

Even siblings are not exactly like each other.

So what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

You just need to figure out what works for you.

Most importantly, never do anything in extremes.

Not beauty, not health, nothing. Extremes are a big no-no.

Mukti that is the most honest advice I have heard.

Balance seems crucial, but I suppose it also takes some time to understand if something is right for you.

Totally in agreement!

Mukti Mohan, interview, bollywood, actress, lifestyle, beauty, beauty secrets

Mukti Mohan at The Source at Sula Vineyards in Nashik

Margo and Mukti continue their enlightening confab about the beautiful weather and the breath-taking sunsets and sunrises…

While we bask in the happiness of reading an utterly delightful take on skin, fitness and WFH by Mukti!


The interview has been edited and condensed.

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