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The Internet is our new-age playground with endless possibilities to entertain and enjoy ourselves. It’s not just a place to find the latest trends and online fashion, but also a breeding ground of skills and growth. So, here are some ways to make your weekend more fun and exciting with a myriad of options:


Sometimes hanging out with friends in person is difficult as you live states or countries apart… or coz you are just not in the mood to go out! But don’t let this stop you from virtually hanging out with your friends – you can create virtual rooms like a Netflix Party and watch movies or serials together while chatting with them in real time. Take some chill time to indulge in shows like Mirzapur, The Crown, Emily in Paris or just keep up with the Kardashians!!!


Online cooking classes

What could be better than learning something which results in tasty delicious food! The food devotee is a healthy solution to learn the art of cooking and eating a plant-based diet, which is not only tasty but also brings tremendous benefits to body and soul. They conduct healthy eating and cooking workshops and help people learn the art of vegan eating which strengthens the body while tickling your taste buds. The thought of healthful pasta from scratch, chocolate desserts and no-cook meals is already too yummy…isn’t it!


Learning new skill

Often weekends could mean clearing up the brain space and making time for yourself…so get that face mask on and amp up your skill-sets. The Internet has tremendous choice of content and trainings available, which could help you learn new things and sharpen your intelligence quotient. This could also mean working on those business ideas and learning the mantra to be the Next Big Thing. Digital typography, layout designing, digital marketing, advertising campaigns…the possibilities are endless and finding the new you could be an amazingly enriching experience!

We recommend  University of the Arts London. One of the top universities in the world for Art & Design (QS World University Rankings 2020).


Museum tours

Yes, you read that right…now you can take virtual tours of all the greatest museums in the world and immerse yourself in cultural bliss. Be it the Sistine Chapel or the Mantua Dresses from the 1930’s…the internet has it all. Just put on some fine tunes…pour yourself some nice wine and get lost in the halls of art and beauty around the world. Traveling without bruising that passport…right?


Work Out

Weekends can be a dull ride with “not-so-healthy food” and feeling lazy all the time, but not any more!!! It’s time to put on those workout clothes on and burn up some calories. Let’s get moving!

First, find what moves you with alomoves.com. This platform has an excellent selection of yoga, fitness and mindfulness. Choose your fitness level and start to explore the joy of moving your body. You’re going to enjoy their good-looking instructors and simple and clear guidelines.

Cult Live helps you to enrol for fitness classes such as Zumba, Boxing, Yoga, core strengthening…the list is endless. You can also invite your friends to work out together virtually and then share the results online…now that’s one healthy way to have the endorphins flowing!

It’s time to take charge of your weekends and to enjoy yourself…be it learning new things, making time for your friends, learning about art and culture or just working out. These are a few getaways to make the weekend worthwhile, for those who are home-bound!


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