On the Vegan Pizza Trail Across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru

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Everyones favourite comfort food gets a healthy makeover with wholesome ingredients and several unique options to choose from.

 By Arzoo Dina


Who doesn’t love pizza? Over the years, the universally loved dish has undergone a major transformation, from the thick and doughy commercially-produced pies we’ve grown up eating, to artisanal, hand-tossed varieties. It’s not surprising then that the popular dish has also taken on a healthier and more wholesome avatar, to cater to the growing community of people looking for consciously-sourced, clean eats. We tracked down trendy vegan pizzas across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.



 1441 Pizzeria

The pizza chain recently launched a new offering to tap the growing vegan customer base. The V Pizza caters to those looking for a dairy-free alternative. Unlike prohibitively priced vegan products, this one is priced just under Rs500. The pizza is made using imported vegan mozzarella cheese, black olives, marinara sauce and jalapenos. Vegan though it is, it strikes the perfect balance between cheesy and spicy.

Order directly online

11441 pizzeria vegan pizza

Lil Gamby

Launched earlier this year, Lil Gamby offers a selection of artisanal, hand- stretched, sourdough pizzas and they even list vegan specials on the menu. You can choose from their Mock meat and Mushroom pizza that employs vegan parmesan cheese, and the Avocado and Tofu pizza, which is a visual treat – it features sliced avocado, silken tofu, vegan parmesan and basil. What’s more, the brand is socially conscious too, where for every meal you order, Lil Gamby pledges a meal to the underprivileged as part of its tie-up with the LIFE Foundation.

Order directly online or Call: 09988164444

Gamby vegan pizza 

Farmer’s Café

One of the early pioneers of healthy pizzas in the city, Farmer’s Cafe uses a whole wheat skinny base for its pizzas that can be customized if you want them vegan and gluten-free. For instance, you can swap the whole wheat for a cauliflower base. The menu lists a Rainbow Pizza that’s loaded with fresh veggies, vegan falafels, beetroot hummus and homemade vegan cheese; and Green Glow, which as the name suggests, is all about getting a dose of your healthy greens with toppings such as  kale, lettuce, and edamame and finished with avocado-tahini mint sauce, vegan cheese, herbs and seeds.

Shop No.1, Celeste Bldg, 14th Rd, Khar West. Call: 07506015930


The O’Café

Housed in the newly-launched artisanal food store, The Origin, the O’Cafe offers a compact vegan menu with healthy salads, bowls and mains. If it’s pizza you’re after, order the vegan coca pizza that’s dressed with vegan parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar, baked on gluten-free flaxseed and almond base, and topped with healthy veggies for a wholesome meal. You can even customize your toppings if you wish.

The O’Cafe, The Origin, next to Satguru’s, Linking Road, Khar West.




Dirty Dough Pizza by Moets

 If there’s one thing we’ve seen during the lockdown, it’s the launch of several pizza delivery kitchens and Dirty Dough by Moets is one of the recent ones, baking artisanal wood-fire oven pizzas that are as cheeky as they sound. We suggest trying the Wannabe Vegan that’s loaded with spinach, artichokes, black olives, tomatoes and vegan mozzarella, drizzled with garlic oil for that extra oomph, or the Vegendary with assorted peppers, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, capers and vegan cheese. Need we say more?

Order directly online for deliveries across New Delhi or via platforms like Zomato



This cafe chain is well known for its extensive selection of vegan-friendly fare and its pizzas can easily be customized if you want them vegan, using their homemade cashew mozzarella cheese. There’s a whole list to choose from, including the cafe’s popular California-style pizzas that you can get in a gluten-free crust as well. Some signature picks include the Garden Vegetable pizza loaded with fresh veggies and herbs, and the Tuscan Shroom Balls pizza, smeared with Neapolitan sauce (WHATS THIS) (Italian-style tomato-based sauce) and drizzled with truffle oil. They’ve recently opened an outpost in Mumbai, so you can now savour these healthy pizzas in the bay too.

Order directly online or dine-in at multiple locations across Delhi-NCR

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Roadhouse Cafe

Located in Greater Kailash(GK1), this cafe will let you customize your vegan pizza. You can choose from a host of toppings along with their homemade vegan cream cheese, made of cashew, soy milk and tofu. You can even opt for a special thin crust pizza that uses a traditional Italian tomato sauce made with imported pelati tomatoes, and vegan mozzarella cheese from Soft Spot, a local plant-based cheese brand, along with toppings of your choice. They also offer vegan calzones and garlic bread.

Order online via Zomato and Swiggy or dine-in at the cafe in GK1, M Block Market, New Delhi




Well known across the city for its mouthwatering pies, this chain offers vegan pizzas too, in fact they have an entire section on the menu dedicated to it. The dough, cheese and sauces are all made from scratch. They use vegan mozzarella cheese crafted with cashew, while the sour cream and feta cheese are made with silken tofu. There are several inventive options to choose from such as the Fig and Onions pizza topped with fresh figs, walnuts, balsamic reduction and truffle oil, the Meat-less pizza, that features a soy-based mock meat and wild mushrooms along with vegan cheese and sour cream, and the Vegan Queen with a classic San Marzano sauce and vegan mozzarella, with a drizzle of olive oil and freshly-torn basil.

Order directly online or dine-in at multiple locations across the city



Said to be one of the city’s first vegan restaurants, and possibly in the country as well, Carrots does a whole range of plant-based fare including pizzas. The thick crust pizzas are handmade using a whole wheat base. Take your pick from Espanol pizza that features a classic primavera sauce, tofu, veggies and herbed cheese sauce, Tahini pizza that’s slathered with sesame butter, tangy herb cheese and veggies, the Mock Meat pizza, which is a popular pick with cashew mozzarella, or even calzones stuffed with a variety of fillings.

WhatsApp or Telegram: 09632041340 for deliveries via Dunzo


The Pizza Bakery

This chain serves up wood-fired Italian sourdough pizzas. The crust is hand-tossed and lightly charred and is made of 48-hour fermented dough The Neapolitan menu lists several vegan options that feature homemade coconut cheese. Popular picks include Vegan Sicilia, featuring vegan pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and plenty of veggies, and Vegan Popo’s Delight with jalapenos, veggies, micro greens and more.

Order directly online or via platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy

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