What Exercises you Should be Doing in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s to Stay Healthy

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Raise your hands if you can’t get yourself to do this one little thing in the day – exercise anti-aging. Well, thank you for the honesty!

But seriously, don’t we all wish to age well, look the best versions of ourselves even when the number of candles on our birthday cake take our breath away (quite literally; ughh who else isn’t a big fan of magic candles).

It’s high time we work out that magic potion and apply it in our lives. Exercises have the inert ability to bring in a change in mood, attitude and mind space along with, of course, providing you with a beautiful body!

It lowers the chances of getting diseased, increases our life span, reduces stress – as it reduces levels of adrenaline and cortisol; thereby giving us more energy to operate fresh and be more creative; all thanks to endorphins; chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Basically, workouts turn our bodies into an oasis of goodness…gradually.

Once you have made up your mind to organise your reasonable health goals – wishes to be your guide in listing decade-wise; the types of exercises that work best for specific age brackets.

Table of Contents

The 20s

We party, we do late nights, we push ourselves with work – our bodies are strong enough to allow us to live it all! What we should also manage our time with is establishing our base for fitness – build our muscle, strength and habit to exercise.
We don’t mean just endless crunches and cardio, instead mixing it up with sufficient weight training to develop your bone density and muscles, quick sit-ups for those abs and planks are the best! Also, running and swimming in the week could be advantageous cardiovascular activities over time.

The 30s

The decade that spells busy – one can’t be lazy at all. To keep yourselves active, you could inculcate a sports activity in the week like say squash or tennis that provides the necessary muscle, the required cardio vascular training and encourages you to push your will power and find the time to be healthier. In these years most women are likely to get pregnant too – so one needs to also stress on pelvic exercises like side planks, Pilates, and certain yoga asanas that are extremely helpful in pulling everything back up.

You need to prepare the body for more and since it’s not the best time to look at the person in the mirror for motivation , 30s are the time to fight this. Take those stairs, try to not slump, choose that standing work station – come on ladies make it happen!

The 40s

The middle-age feels of your system losing out on muscles and draining strength…you feel them too? Sounds like the perfect challenge! The decade when strength and resistance training are all the more critical to follow….weight train consistently, bring in those push-ups, squats – work hard but stay away from injuring yourself (Yes, healing takes a lot of time for people in this bracket).

40s are known for welcoming changes in our oestrogen levels, don’t forget that fat build up – so choose activities like kick boxing, badminton, tennis or simply brisk walking that helps tone the body, keep the bones healthy and boost muscle definition.

Also, keep up with the momentum of lower body circuit work out with those planks and yoga classes. Register for those marathons and cycling races after all, endurance activities are biologically beneficial in this age.

Simply make exercising an activity of pure enjoyment. It would satisfy you in such a deep-rooted manner that would uplift not just your body but your mind and spirit too!


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