Holistic Skincare Secrets

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Beautiful skin is healthy skin!

The overall health of our skin depends on a lot of factors.

It’s the largest and exceptional organ of our body that absorbs everything and we need to nurture it right. It’s magical how our skin rejuvenates itself every 28 days – shedding dead skin cells and growing new ones; which means that we can always work our way inside out to take good care of our skin and be in tune with what it tries to tell us.

Therefore, holistic skincare throws lights on the importance of a holistic lifestyle with comprehensive balance health and its interdependent aspects. The focus is to understand the elements that contribute to healthy skin – such as eating right, exercising, water intake, stress levels, the skincare products that we apply; all of these as a whole, and not just in parts. In other words, applying a good cream on your face would repair and heal the upper layer but making sure you eat well and feel healthy will help you get that inner glow that makes way for suppler skin.

Let’s try to break it further down and understand the elements that shape up holistic skincare:


Use of the right elements

For the holistic skincare approach that brings out a positive change, you need to understand your skin type and its need for healthy maintenance. And while you are at it, try to understand that change takes time and skincare in itself is a long-term process (just like any lifestyle habit). Using an anti-acne cream will not miraculously get you rid of acne overnight unless we fix the underlying cause of it. We need to strike the right balance to nurture our skin both inside and outside. Try to avoid using products with harsh chemicals that cause more damage than repair.

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Eat your way to beautiful skin

When it comes to skincare, the saying – “you are what you eat” holds. Healthier food choices make way for healthier skin (skin cell repair and regeneration happen at a higher pace). Different sources of food have their respective varied effects on our system; for example, fibrous food helps in the cleansing of our gut and keeps that blood sugar in check. A healthier digestive system will help us attain clearer skin that experiences fewer breakouts. Similarly, food articles with high salt percentages lead to water retention in the skin and eventually make us feel bloated.

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A good balanced diet (containing moderation of comfort food) that includes various nutrients and vitamins can go a long way in getting that beautiful elastic skin and delay the aging process…well, isn’t that the goal?


Beauty and the beast regime

Good sweaty session in the gym will help you push your limits and release happy hormones that help you in fighting stress and getting clearer skin. Working out improves blood circulation, which carries away toxins and promotes peaceful beauty sleep…combination of exercising and sound sleep will bring back better skin and that “feel-good factor.” Adequate water intake is the best magic potion that could revive the skin texture and improve elasticity.

Holistic skincare is no rocket science but just a basic understanding of our surroundings and the internal imbalances; be it emotional, physical, or mental; play a major role in keeping ourselves upbeat.  So, take some time out for yourself, make small atomic changes and commit to it…stress-less, love-more and you will see your skin-loving you back!



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