Silk Benefits for Your Skin and Hair

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Silk has paved its way through ancient times; from handkerchiefs to gowns, it has always been a game-changer for womanhood. Silk has always been a privileged attribute of the luxury lifestyle! With modern-day innovation, Silk has expanded from just being used as a fabric in fashion to more finer categories of beauty and wellness!

The shimmer and shine of silk have always been a favorite of celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Karlie Kloss and our very own Posh aka Victoria Beckham. The story of silk is as old as time, and its feel-good factor is its legacy! Silk has redefined its existence in the beauty world by recreating its worth when it comes to bathrobes, pillowcases, hair bands and sleep masks. Its fall against the skin and the way it takes care of your hair has made it a beauty essential…it is a true personification of the beauty meets luxury situation.

Slip, scrunches silk, silk, skin, hair, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, silk pillow

Let’s take a journey down the silk route to understand its benefits and how it takes care of you naturally!


Silk for Hair

Silk is an outcome of the natural process of cocoon transformation into long sturdy strands. Its inherent protein makes it universally suitable for all skin and hair types. Moreover, the tender protection of silk hair bands and pillowcases doesn’t stress hair strands and improves the overall hair structure. With such a boost of properties, it’s often a frequent guest in shampoos and conditioners, putting an end to our split end trouble!

The rubber bands are often too tight or put your hair through unkind menace, whereas the anti-static property of silk keeps your hair smooth and shiny. In addition, silk scarves for cold weather and scrunchies for everyday use will give your hair the luxury it deserves…and the grand patterns and magnificence of silk in itself can make you feel like royalty!

Slip, scrunches silk, silk, skin, hair, beauty, wellness, lifestyle


Silk for face and body

Silk’s benefits come from its protein compounds-fibroin and sericin, which share proximity to our body’s proteins, making it feel like a second skin.

The 18 essential amino acids, together with fibroin, help regenerate skin cells and prevent signs of premature aging. The idea of self-care and sound beauty sleep is big on making you feel good from within, and silk does exactly that. Its smooth flowing texture doesn’t just make your outfit stand out but helps you sleep well too…after all who doesn’t like waking up to that delicate softness against your face and skin. The reduced friction of the material doesn’t draw moisture from your skin and helps you wake up with hydrated, supple skin.

Often people forget that a clean and hygienic pillowcase is highly recommended for everyone, as it is one thing that your skin rests on for over eight hours. The tightly woven silk fabric doesn’t let the dust particles linger on it and lets your night skin routine stay on your face and not rub it off while you doze off to dreamland!


The amino acids and proteins of silk make it an ideal choice for face sleep masks. They stimulate the skin and promote collagen synthesis, a moisture film enhancing hydration-intactness and anti-ageing. Moreover, silk allows excellent ventilation, which keeps your skin and scalp dry and moisturized without letting it lose its moisture.

Silk powder is often the star agent in cosmetics such as setting powder and creams…helping you get that matte look and keeping gunk and oil at bay.

Silk scarves gliding around your neck or wrapped around the handles of your handbags make you feel like a movie star. It has been a great style statement because of its shimmer and subtle shine, making it a symbol of nobility and royalty.

This season, invest in silk and make it a part of your regular lifestyle…be it hairbands, scrunchies, scarves, bathrobes or pillowcases; let silk make its way into your life and make you feel gorgeous from within. Such subtle use of silk around you will surely make you feel gorgeous!


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