Clean Beauty Essentials for a Happy Body

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Let’s recharge your shower-time with an amazing selection of clean beauty products, which are not only healthy but also safe for you and the environment. Some unique choices to help you support that natural glowing beauty goodness through an indulgence that your body is bound to cherish. Here is our list of clean beauty products for the most sacred time with yourself in the shower:


Dry brush

This simple tool has become very popular over the last few years. Dry brushing the skin with a natural brush helps stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, thereby gently exfoliating the skin. Silky, smooth and easy to use!


An ancient, beautiful way to make your body glow and rejuvenate. Native to Moroccan and Turkish hammam, the glove scrubs away grime, dead skin and accumulated oil. Improves blood circulation through a revitalising massage that gives your skin a smooth, silky soft texture. The natural exfoliation provided by this product is so good that it will make you get rid of all the harsh chemicals claiming to scrub your skin.

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A product loved by models and clean beauty supporters, this soap is an absolute must-have. Created by the famous makeup artist Clint Fernandes comes a home-grown brand that caters to your skincare needs. The range of natural soaps and skin moisturisers is curated for different skin needs and are completely natural with the goodness of tulsi, rose, shea butter, almond oil, and orange peel’s freshness.

This artisanal and sustainable bar soap brand can help you inculcate some very sensual blends into your shower routine. Flowery or woody, smoky or sweet, strong or delicate…the choices are endless and can be made according to your taste or concern. The core value lies in promoting great skin by passing on the benefits of herbal and ayurvedic remedies that naturally nourish your skin.


Time to say no to chemicals, parabens and harsh hair products. Making it to our selection is this protein powerhouse that comes with a moisture lock formula that keeps your scalp hydrated to avoid dryness and frizziness. Natural health and lustre are achieved through this hair cleanser’s clean ingredients that boost hair growth and help bring back the bounce.





Secret Alchemist, tone body massage oil

This body massage oil handcrafted with love will take your skin to another level of happiness and moisture radiance. A scintillating blend of Lemongrass, Fennel, and Lavender is infused with vitamins that help skin toning and boost blood circulation.

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Add this to elevate your sensual shower necessities; it makes for a luxury treat. Soft and high-quality bathrobe, towels, mulberry silk headbands add the final touches to your clean beauty routine.


Waffle cotton robe and towels are a luxurious way of staying true to nature. The soft, lightweight fabric is made with the idea of treating your skin the right way.

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Fast-drying handwoven waffle towels 

A towel brand made with 100% GOTS organic cotton. Check here

HANDWOVEN WAFFLE TOWEL - BLUE,,, nude, wellness magazine, lifestyle blog, beauty, wellness in india, aurveda, waffle towel, healthy, healthy lifestyle


It’s time we take charge of things around us and inculcate clean beauty essentials in our day-to-day life to a greater extent. Clean beauty essential products are not just milder on your body but also the environment. So, it’s time to make healthier, smarter and cleaner choices when it comes to your body…because it’s too precious to pollute.


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