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Wellness Trends That Will Be Big in 2022

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2021 was intense and surely made us realise the importance of quality living. We experienced the value of human bonds and deep-dived into our relationship with ourselves. In the process, we developed a deeper conscience of eating right and working on our well-being. Be it taking out time to relax, eat right or grow in our personal space…our mindset has taken a shift from taking things for granted to making our wellness the utmost priority.

Well, this journey of wellness continues, as it should. And so, we bring to you some of our favourite wellness trends that we think might grow on you.



Mindful eating

Mindful eating is one of the essential habits that one should instil to be in more sync with their mind and body. It’s not about being perfect at making food choices or alienating yourself from guilty pleasures, it’s more about being mindful of what we put in our bodies and understanding how it impacts us. It’s a meditation-based lifestyle change that can not only help us strengthen from within but can also help with a positive mental space, food craving & weight management. Intermittent fasting is an interesting way of achieving it by allowing yourself to eat what is healthy and yet indulge in food that brings you joy. The logic is to balance out your body’s feeding and burning period. To understand the science behind mindful eating and intermittent fasting, read our two cents on it here.

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Gut health connection

We can’t emphasize enough how important gut health is, sadly, it is one of the most underrated concepts. Gut health is directly connected to the majority of our wellness system, after all, it’s our power-generation arena. What we eat gets degenerated and triggers all the organs to act on it …so if a lot of food that doesn’t suit us, it sends our organs a signal to over-compensate for it and that can mess the integrity of the system. A healthy gut (gastrointestinal tract) can keep your immune system intact and has the power to trigger moods. Feeling fidgety, restless, bloated, cranky, are a few of the many moods and experiences that can be signs of your gut asking for attention. Choosing fresh, green and raw vegetables over processed/packaged food…drinking water over sodas are some of the ways to strengthen the gut and get nutrients absorbed. We suggest eating locally produced organic fruits and vegetables, cooking for yourself and finding the connection between your gut and brain via delicious food. This can help you feel lighter, happier and be sustainable!



Biohacking is one of the smartest ways to train your body by understanding how it functions and what works best for you. Let’s break it down for you, we all have a body type, eating patterns, things that work for us and things that don’t, so the idea is to make small changes in your diet and lifestyle and track how it affects you. Also, you don’t have to go crazy and conduct experiments, just sticking to changes that have a positive outcome and it can be anything like yoga over CrossFit, kale over lettuce, oat milk over dairy, intermittent fasting over dieting…just be cognizant of how these changes make you feel and align with your goals since you are the ultimate expert of your body.



Emotional wellbeing

With work becoming stressful every day and work-from-home blurring the lines of personal life…it is essential to take charge of your emotional wellbeing. This needs to come from a space of requirement and not a suggestion because deteriorating mental well-being can harm our functioning in a crucial way. Be it Flexi-work hours, making time for things that bring you joy, working towards dream and passion projects, you should do everything that brings you that stabilization and normality. We should be proud to acknowledge our mental health and find ways to strengthen it every day, it could be through counselling or therapy…trust us, there is no shame in getting guidance on how to deal with struggles via professional help!

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Spiritual awareness

Often, we are liberated or withheld by the norms or layout of a religion. From the way, we eat to what is the meaning of almighty… it’s all laid down to us as a manual. It is important to understand what religion means to you and what practices make you feel spiritually aligned. Find the right balance between the practices that help you sustain and support the connection with the universal power…a connection that uplifts you in more ways that one, and brings a positive change in you. This does not need to be a life-altering change, something as small as meditation or a gratitude prayer could help you stay humble and grounded.

Body, soul, trends, health, healthy trends, Wellness Trends That Will Be Big in 2022, nmag, nude, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, spirit


Growth and well-being go hand in hand, we can’t expect to touch the sky without a stronger root — that is your body, mind and soul. So, live a little, laugh out loud and cherish the joys of life with small tweaks and changes. It is time to set the rhythm of your body and mind to the new 2022 mantra…cheers to new changes and another chance for us to get it right. 


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