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We live in a world where information is on the tip of our fingers, our food choices are unlimited and the Internet is rife with news of miraculous diets and superfoods. It all suggests that we are truly on the path to better living and health, right? However, statistics show that people are increasingly susceptible to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and dementia. Collectively, these are the leading causes of disability and premature deaths worldwide. 


Let’s look at the UAE: 

Nearly 30% of the population suffer from generative spine disease

9/10 – People in the UAE are at risk of cardiovascular disease

70% MEN, 60% WOMEN – Over the age of 15 are considered overweight

An average of 19% of the UAE population suffer from diabetes


The stats in India are equally grim: 

Roughly 5.8 million Indians die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases each year

About 1.7 million Indian deaths are caused by heart diseases every year, according to the World Health Organisation**. 

It has been estimated that each year an additional 0.5-1% children gain excess body fat and up to 32% of these individuals become overweight and 8% become obese. There’s been a steady rise in obesity in children aged 3-18y, especially among boys*. 

But I’m not here to bring you down with these numbers.

While we must be aware of the facts, we also should know that changing your lifestyle can help combat most of these diseases. The question is whom do you turn to? The internet? But then how do you sift through the overwhelming information? 

It’s a lot, but as a wellness and health coach it’s my job to be your partner in making these crucial lifestyle decisions, starting with a personalized wellness programme that fits your individual needs. 


As a health coach I get asked a lot of questions: 

What is health coaching?

How can you help me be healthy and fit?

Does health coaching really work?

And the answer is YES to all of the above!


The 101 about health coaching:

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be arduous. 

  1. I first help you understand your motivations to arrive at a goal
  2. I empower you to understand your body, mind and situation
  3. I help you identify the challenges an blind spots that could prevent change 
  4. I provide accountability, support and create a non-judgemental space in which we work on your goals as a team 
  5. I help you navigate health issues and other concerns


A personalized partnership

The one thing I’m fastidious about is personalized attention. I create comprehensive strategies that will work for you –  from nutrition charts to weight optimisation to recognising and tackling emotional behaviors such as emotional eating, self-sabotage etc. We work as partners towards celebrating your achievements and creating a body and life you will love. 


A fresh perspective on health care

I truly believe that we need a new model of health care that is better equipped to support people in changing behaviors and habits that we have internalizedIn the long run it can help us address the global doctor shortage, stem the rising tide of chronic disease, and actually treat as opposed to simply putting a band-aid on the matter.

We need to be more holistic and I’m here to help with that. Because if our approach is well rounded, it will empower us to stay healthy daily, rather than only when a disease comes knocking. 


Ready to start?

Send me an email with your top query in regards to health, wellness or fitness. Insert a “WHY” in the subject line and I promise you a free one-on-one strategy to start you off.

In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll also share a recipe that I love and live by, one that smacks of good health of course! 


I look forward to your email, so get busy.


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