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10 Limited-Edition Handmade Dinnerware Brands in India

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What would be the ultimate sustainable luxury in your opinion? If you ask us, we’re undoubtedly going in for meticulously designed dinnerware blended with culture, handcrafted by skilled artisans. A handmade dinnerware that is aesthetically desirable, exquisite, and modern yet rooted in traditions is always a warm welcome that greets us from across the table. It creates an element of spreading the joy of breaking the bread together, enjoying meals by sharing & caring through bespoke sustainable designs. 

The intention behind handcrafted dinnerware is to bring a positive impact to the life of local artisans by propelling skill development, encouraging indigenous traditions through art and style, and bringing cheer to the tables.

The whole experience of choosing handcrafted dinnerware is to redefine dining styles in an elegant yet rooted fashion. There has been quite a revival of handmade dinnerware through a surge in interest for unique crockery to flaunt on every occasion. 

Explore different varieties of handmade ceramics from the trendy limited-edition brands in India curated especially for you.



Inspired by the rustic nostalgia of earthy tones and an ode to India’s finest heritage, Terravida presents unique aesthetics with contemporary elements to create meaningful pieces. 

Inspired by the culture & diverse lifestyles, each of the carefully handcrafted bespoke pieces tells a story. 

visit @terravida to order


Khanoom tableware

A Jaipur pottery studio is bringing beauty inspired by botanicals from various regions to the table. Contemporary in style, the ceramics are handcrafted to perfection. Sensational, stylish, and socially conscious products with customized glaze are sure to elevate your dining sense in an impressive manner.

visit @khanoomtableware to order


Varsha Chella handmade pottery

Entirely handmade in a Chennai studio, the stoneware clay collection is finished with a clear glaze; thus adding a new dimension to your tableware. They’re versatile. They’re sustainable. They’re beautiful. Perfect for snacking, cereals or desserts, they make up for a wonderful gift. 

visit @varshachella to order



Handmade by artisans & sourced locally, Nitara design studio focuses on creating customized minimal pieces that make a statement. Each product has a minimum of three artisans working on them. Produced by local factories in their specific districts, Nitara believes in fair trade & sustainability. 

They’ve found their means of giving back to the environment by following ethical & sustainable practices like switching to paper alternatives from bubble wraps, thus making the entire process plastic-free.

visit @nitara to order


Ikai Asai

Using innovative techniques, the aesthetics with minimal textures and hand-painted motifs bring life to each piece of pottery. The dinnerware brings an earthy character to the table. Ikai Asai maneuvers the creativity that bubbles from the harmonious union of passion, rhythm, the authenticity of craftsmanship, and artistic vision.

visit @ikaiasai to order 


Indus people

Inspired by the powerful elements and spirituality stemming from ancient India, Indus takes you to the time when you can take a dip in the beauty of fascinating signature motifs carved on dinnerware. Inspired by various aspects, Indus paints a visual creative capturing the essence of the elements to portray a captivating story. 

Playing with a myriad of colors and textures of India, Indus creates handmade modern and minimal products that draw one close to their roots. 

visit @induspeople to order 


Minimal indian

Adopting a minimalistic approach, where ‘less is more’, Minimal Indian carves the foundation of simplicity in art. Handmade with love, the dinnerware mirrors the nostalgia of a simpler time. The brand is conceptualized to blend the idea of a relaxed living and a passion for art, design, and traditional Indian crafts. 

Inspired by the travel stories, local crafts & cultures, landscapes, and simple details of Indian households, each design is originally hand-drawn and hand-painted on paper. 

visit @minimalindian to order 


Suite number 8

Designed to delight, Suite Number Eight is a home decor brand, consisting of collections that leave an everlasting mark with the memories to be cherished for a lifetime and passed onto generations. The brand celebrates indigenous art & craftsmanship. 

Inspired by the rich folk traditions and childhood memories, Suite Number 8 promises you a truly mesmerizing experience.

visit @suitenumbereight to order



Elegant, and refreshingly simple, TULA is the perfect ingredient to celebrate life, to turn each meal into a feast, and to turn every feast into an occasion. Each piece is diligently handcrafted and finished with an impeccably shiny glaze.

Tula reflects the distinct and refreshing sheer confluence of the old and the new. 

visit @tula to order 



100% handcrafted, microwave & dishwasher safe stoneware plates will steal your hearts as they come embossed and glazed in delicately fragmented patterns with eye-catching motifs, unique designs, and a wide range of colors.

Laced with rich traditions, the plates enhance the look of your set taking it to another level. 

visit @neerja to order 


The limited-edition handmade dinnerware truly showcases the essence of your spirit when everyone sits together for an intimate meal with close friends and family. Owning a set of remarkable hand-crafted ceramics is fulfilling in a charming way. It sets the course for stimulating conversations, bonding over creativity & consciousness, and bringing harmonious soul to the meal-times. 

Consciously choosing artisanal products that form an integral part of Indian art, culture, traditions promote #localforvocal movement, ethical production, and cognizant consumption – making shopping more thoughtful. 

The brands mentioned above are creating products that are worth collecting and to be cherished for years to come. Tell us who you liked the most in the comments below!


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