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Hypnosis: Mindful Tour to Self-Care

Hypnosis Mindful Tour to Self-Care,, nmag, nude, lifestyle, wellness
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Hypnosis is a great tool to relax and access inner resources which can make deep and lasting positive changes in your life!

Hypnosis is an age-old practice which often gets bad reputation mainly because of the trance-like mental state which can lead to people losing control over the structured emotions and are often in state of vulnerability. We all can relate being anxious around unfamiliar waters, but hypnosis helps you to experience increased attention, focus and flexibility of thoughts.

Though there are many myths and misconceptions around the practice of hypnosis, it is a real process with therapeutic benefits. Few of the benefits include significant reduction in pain, anxiety, and symptoms of dementia. The current state of work life balance and stress of achieving our goals can take a toll on the overall Zen vibe and hypnosis can be an important tool to activate neural senses to help us align this growth.

Hypnosis can be practiced via recorded music (with instructions) or under the guidance of licensed physicians, but it’s the self-hypnosis that has our attention. It’s a process of self-inducing hypnotic state which could help you control pain and managing emotions.

Hypnosis Mindful Tour to Self-Care,, nmag, nude, lifestyle, wellness, hypnosis

So, breaking the science of it…hypnosis takes place under alpha and theta brain wave. The alpha brain wave (7.5-14 Hz) is also known as the deep relaxation wave. These brain waves are accentuated in deep-relaxation mode, where we attain such focus during meditation that slipping into a pleasant daydream comes easy. With brain being in its optimal frequency, we could train our mind to succeed and elevate the power of imagination, memory building, visualization with clarity and concentration. The wave-game helps open the gateway to your subconscious mind where you instill important feelings and goals that push you all day long. As the alpha wave becomes profound and clearer, the constant distractions (beta state) tend to halt, and our brain becomes more susceptible to suggestions.

The theta wave (4-7.5 Hz) is the light meditation or sleeping wave. It’s a bandwidth of your subconscious brain as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake up from a sound sleep (delta state). Theta wave is the cool stop for your brain where all great inspirations, vivid experiences, great creativity, and exceptional insights reside. The whole idea is to help your brain break-away from distractions and noise to bring it in a state of calmness that facilitates the opening of parts of your mind which store often the most integral responses of our personality.

Some of the great outcomes of hypnosis include alleviation of symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), management of ADHD, and control over pain during dental procedures or childbirth, etc. It’s an existing science to reprogram your brain by bringing it to a neutral state and walking through the game-plan you set for yourself.

Hypnosis a powerful tool which manifests its result differently amongst individuals. Some people experience sense of detachment with extreme relaxation while others can feel that their actions occur outside their conscious faculty. So, pace it up and let your body get the groove of it and soon you will realize how easy it becomes for you to slip in that collected state of meditation.

Hypnosis Mindful Tour to Self-Care,, nmag, nude, lifestyle, wellness, hypnosis

A lot of us might think that with all the stored business in our heads, it’s a painstaking task to be hypnotized…but as per research, approx. 10% people are difficult to hypnotize and children or adults who are easily absorbed by daydreaming and fantasies are more responsive to it.

There might be memory lapses when you practice hypnosis, but it is often temporary. It’s advised to follow a researched process or look for a mental health professional certified by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis who can educate and make the practice less overwhelming.

Lastly, it’s critical to love yourself and constantly put in efforts that bring a sense of normalcy to life. Hypnosis is just another way to relax yourself and open your subconscious mind to help rewire thoughts and emotions.


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