Dial Up Your Sex Life With Aphrodisiacs

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Sex has never been a subject relegated to the bedroom, as is evident from ancient civilizations. Through the history of humanity sex has always been more than just a physical act of pleasure. It has spiritual, philosophical, and moral heft and a strong basis in science. 

A popular topic related to sex is aphrodisiacs or substances that supposedly enhance one’s libido. London-based nutritionist Dr. Adam Cunfille confirms that there is sufficient data to support the existence and effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. 

An aphrodisiac can be an ingredient, a type of drink, or even a herb that enhances sexual desire and pleasure. Aphrodisiacs are believed to work by impacting the blood flow, hormones, and the brain. While there are pharmaceutical drugs designed to boost your performance between the sheets, people still prefer medicinal plants for their natural supplements and because they leave little room for side effects.  

We’ve compiled a list of natural aphrodisiacs known to ancient civilisations and acknowledged by modern science: 


Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng)

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda, known for its uncountable remedial uses. It is clinically proven to possess the ability to improve sperm count and sperm health. It is also known to reduce stress, which is often the root cause of sexual problems and fertility failures. 

However, consumption of Ashwagandha by pregnant women is still not approved medically, and thus must be avoided during pregnancy. 



Who doesn’t love chocolates? As if they weren’t already perfect, chocolates also help with mood regulation, maintaining blood pressure and enhancing sexual drive. 

Dark chocolate’s chemical composition includes feel-good compounds, such as theobromine and phenethylamine, that help release endorphins and thus enhance dopamine levels – the body’s happy hormones. 



Oysters and sex have been intimately associated for years. Some of it is exaggeration and some based on pure facts. Oysters are rich in zinc, which is turn is vital for testosterone production in the male body and the maintenance of healthy sperm. They also contain amino acids that are vital for good sexual health.  



According to ancient Egyptians and Indians, saffron too is an aphrodisiac. ‘Kama Sutra,’ the ancient Indian text dedicated to the art of seduction, states that drinking warm milk with saffron threads in it can aid you in bed. 

Studies had also found that when men were given 30mg of saffron daily, they performed better in bed. Similarly, women who regularly consumed saffron experienced painless sex and higher arousal.



Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, is an Ayurvedic substance that possesses strong aphrodisiac properties that arouse sexual instincts. 

It’s known to increase testosterone levels, the hormone that plays a crucial role in male erection and the duration of sex, to a considerable extent. It also helps increase the sperm count and make the sperm healthier and more mobile when taken regularly.



Sandalwood counts as a non-edible aphrodisiac. The smooth earthy scent can enhance the mood for sex and is also great to wear on the skin as an essential oil during sex. . Sandalwood stimulates pheromones , that is it works its magic on female libido. 



The sweet and romantic fragrance that jasmine exudes can be quite the enabler in a bedroom. In India, jasmine is popularly used in weddings and you can guess why. It’s seductive scent has universal appeal and is even known to have sedative properties. Perfume plays a crucial role in sex and the appealing jasmine may just help get you in the mood and boost desire. It can be used in its flower form, or as an essential oil on your skin. 


Rose Otto

Have you ever thought about why the goddess of sexual love, beauty, and passion, Aphrodite, keeps her den full of rose petals?. 

Rose Otto  plays an essential role in arousing women. If you want your lovely lady to feel special and pampered, give her a massage with rose otto, and it may lead to a favourable outcome for you too! The scent has a positive effect on hormones and works like a  tonic for the female reproductive organ. 


While the world of aphrodisiacs is mysterious and thrilling, it’s important to note that they are mere aids and not remedies. There are many factors responsible for good sex, physical intimacy coupled with mental and emotional compatibility coupled with clear and healthy communication, which is sometimes the best aphrodisiac of them all. 


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