Orgasms for a Better Life: The Benefits of Sexual Pleasure

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Sex is an incredibly important part of our well-being in life. Orgasms play a vital role in bonding with your partner and are super important for your strong psychological health, immune function, rejuvenation and mental health!

You should be able to communicate and experience sexual satisfaction to your partner. The ability and quality of sexual desire, activity and satisfaction changes throughout one’s sexual life.

At the beginning of a relationship, you experience sexual activity at its peak. With aging, sexual desire or activity may slow if you’re not actively working on it. It Is healthy to have frequent orgasms, but not many sexual partners and unprotected. Orgasms provide many surprising benefits to all facets of your life so let’s look at this from a scientific point of view.

Physical benefits of having a regular orgasm

  • Improved immune system. Regular sex can be very beneficial for your immune system. Many important scientific studies have found that weekly or biweekly sex help to boost the body’s antibodies.
  • Regular menstrual cycles & fertility. Regular sex might help with irregular cycle. Research of Stanford University found that women who have sex at least once a week tend to have more regular cycles than women who rarely or never have sex.
  • Reduced pain. Orgasm feels so good because your brain releases the love hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is an amazing pain reliever.
  • Stronger pelvic floor & bladder control. A strong pelvic floor is important for women. You can enjoy longer and stronger orgasms by practicing Kegel exercises and regular sex. A strong pelvic floor helps women to improve bladder function and control it (which is important as women age, particularly if they have children).
  • Regular sex helps to keep your libido activated. Lack of sex reduces the libido, a self-defeating cycle.
  • Better night’s sleepHaving sex helps to improve your sleep at night. The release of dopamine and oxytocin following orgasm helping to promote feelings of intimacy as well as rest and peacefulness.
  • Better dietary habits & more exercise. People with active sex lives tend to exercise more and have a better dietary habits than those who are less sexually active.

Mental benefits of having a regular orgasm

  • Good mood & memory. When we reach orgasm our brains are flooded with endorphins that promote feelings of bliss and bonding. Regular sex can help to combat the blues and also keeps us connected to our partner.
  • Close relationship can do wonders for our mental well-being. Regular sexual activity can enhance your well-being and brainpower later on in life. Research found that adults who sexually active had less feelings of depression or loneliness.
  • Rejuvenation and confidence booster. Sexual activity with a partner (or alone!) can make you look younger, due to the release of beneficial estrogen during sex. One important study found a correlation between sexual activity and looking years younger.

Social benefits of having a regular orgasm

Thanks to the hormone oxytocin, sex helps you connect to your partner. Oxytocin can play a key role in developing your relationship – it opens the floodgates when you have sex and boosts your emotions such as love, affection and euphoria.

People in couples who are able to express themselves about sexual desires and able to satisfy and fulfill one another’s sexual desires have positive growth and a more developed, closer relationship.

Remember that it’s not just sex that’s as important as enjoying the pleasure of sex with your partner, feeling good about it, expressing yourself and your sexual desires. Once you are happy and satisfied with your sexual life only then you’re going to get all these benefits.


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