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We are going to talk about sexuality and sex today; because let’s face it, it truly is saddening to not know your own body and its needs. Also, it has become increasingly tiring to continue with our dusted, borrowed, second hand notions about sex.

I mean what is good sex even…if we haven’t even informed ourselves about the worst and the best versions of it?!


Good sex education is important, and we as women need to drift away from the negative and silencing nature of this topic. We should instead be a sponge and absorb some basics like learning our anatomy, getting acquainted with the stages of a woman’s life, exploring our personal preferences, and digging our deepest and wildest desires to experience the true pleasures of life.

Discussing sex is a responsibility and to at least strike a conversation, we have curated 7 books that introduce and describe the topic in varied premises, and are a LOT of fun!


Our Bodies, Ourselves

Four million copies of this book were sold. The New York Times called this book the feminist classic, and rightly so, as it speaks about health and sexuality of a girl in a relatable tone that oozes empowerment. What is safe sex, how to engage in pleasurable, satisfying sexual experiences while protecting your health and the health of your partner.

Covering topics about gender identity, sexual orientation, birth control, abortion, pregnancy, menopause, and sexual health as we age – with unbelievable details and variety of opinions.

Indeed, a guide for a confident and healthy woman! This book encourages women to learn and celebrate female sexuality and pushes them to engage in actual sexual desires.


 The Sex Issue

Remember those casual, fun-filled discussions with your BFFs at night about your personal experiences that are heard with absolutely no judgement?!

Well you get that in this kinky book which touches almost all topics even faintly related to SEX. It is packed with a lot of amusement, wherein experts from various walks of life explore this topic with their knowledge and shower us with beautiful perspectives.

Like the social psychologist talking about open relationships, a known nutritionist suggesting aphrodisiacs; advice to cultivate our sexual energy and more. This informative compilation about everything sex is intriguing till it’s last word and also balances its enjoyable vibe!


Guide to Getting it on: Unzipped

This book is an anthem on techniques and safe practical advices, that make your sexual relationships better through one big and easy aspect of communication. This book has been written with tones of intelligence, humour and utmost sensitivity. Comes out as a warm, friendly and liberating manual on sex life, sexuality and everything in between.

Recommended as an imperative book for sex education, it has opinions stated from people from varied facets of life – like social workers, therapists, just survey takers and more making the information more credible and diverse.

It has something for everyone, be it sexual fantasy, consent and sexuality, art of kissing, anatomy and physiology – the chapters literally make you curious enough to sit and read them!


101 Nights of Great Sex

Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun-Loving Couples;

Quite literally!

Revealing the hottest, heartfelt sexual journeys that are full of surprises. This is not your usual book – it’s an ultimate playbook to an experience that comprises of 50 seductions for her eyes and 50 seduction for his eyes and a bonus seduction that needs to be completed together.

The manoeuvres are sealed in envelopes with step by step instructions, tips and eTeasers. (a 2020 edition special) Laura (author of the book) has elevated the regular musings of sex and has made it an interactive journey for couples worldwide that encompasses anticipation, build-up, seduction, and freedom from the usual bedroom boredom!


Come as You Are

Guiding women through their sexuality in today’s world is this amazing book by Emily Nagoski. It has science, social context and immense emotions. Explaining how psychology impacts our sexual desires with hints of humour, the book unwinds the complicated nature of sex and happily describes how it is enjoyable in all that complexity! It gives us readers the freedom to trust our instincts and work; both on our body and its emotions, with a lot of insights and fascinating facts that certainly opens the mind and is bound to change lives!


The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment

Celebrating the joy of Eros is this terrific piece by Jack Morin who has been studying the mysteries for two long decades. The book treads on the road of self-discovery that is experienced at peak erotic encounters of life. He is honest in his writing and is big on paradoxes of erotic instances, psychology of desires, and insights about arousal.

The best sex is dynamic and unpredictable, rather than static and safe – such incredible explorations of various dimensions of human sexuality and more that you might live, but when you read, come as revelations that are worth pausing and appreciating!

She Comes First

Ian Kerner (the author) talks to us about our mindset for sex. We don’t seem to enjoy the journey that is full of pleasure and sensations and rather focus on a fast track towards the destination. Take a moment, relax, feel and it will be an intense orgasm!

Female body is complex and Ian unravels a beautiful mystery through this oral sex guide.

A must read for every man. (Please gift it to him!)

The book is like a secret weapon that provides techniques, routines for a fulfilling and healthier sex life for both her and him. Ian’s writing has an uber cool tinge of humour with an obsessive desire to inform and make sexual innuendos of a thinking man truly pleasurable for his woman!

We hope you like our recommendations and would begin your own explorations to learn about sex and yourself. After all, sex is not just physical, its deep, emotional and connected – and we can only make ourselves more aware about its immense benefits.

Let’s make an attempt to build a positive consciousness towards sex – believe us, you and your partner both will appreciate the effort!

Start reading…


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