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How Changing Your Perfume Could Change Your Life

How Changing Your Perfume Could Change Your Life
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Whether going out on that first date, attending that important client meeting…or even going for a fun run in the park; forgetting to wear your perfume is bound to make you feel terrible throughout the day. This reaction of our brain correlates to the importance of perfumes in our life. Be it special events or something as normal as hanging out with friends…smelling unpleasant can be a buzzkill and can make you less confident and more self-conscious.

Nowadays, perfumes aren’t just “fancy-smelling, super-expensive” commodities…rather they are now looked at as investments; money people spend on making a statement about their personality so as to provide a sneak-peek into their character.

However, we as humans get too stuck up with the idea of ”my scent”. More often that not, we pick up the same perfume from the shelf that we adore. While there’s nothing too wrong in that, it all stems from the place of comfort zones. Changes in life have become an inconvenience, as they try to bring us out of the energy saving mode and we all love the snooze feature; don’t we? Though life has the potential to be a roller coaster ride, filled with fun, thrill and joy…we often compromise and escape the experiences by sticking to same old decisions (since they worked in the past).

What we often oversee, is that these decisions of sticking to comfort zones, limit the possibility of extracting new adventures of life. Reacting to life in the same way (choosing the same perfume, getting the same haircut, hanging out with the same set of people!) or acting on situations in conventional settings can make your body dull…scientifically it creates the same cocktail of hormones in our bloodstream and over time it all just turns into a one huge blah!

Though it is difficult to accept change and play around with fragrances every now and then…it is certainly important to bring a wide variety of perfumes to your every day life. This could be an opportunity to define the depth of your appearance and that overall look.

Changing perfumes basis the concentration of oils present in it, can define the look or mood you wish to set for the event. Lighter tones with a hint of floral scent can add that extra charm to your day outings whereas fresh citrusy tones can help in lifting up the Monday Blues.

When you change a perfume, you change the triggered chemical reactions in your body, leading to the emission of a unique scent. The constant variation of heat levels and application of fragrances on pulsating points can help you rediscover your niche and create that customized smell.

Imagine looking at that favourite dress of yours and a bunch of memories popping in your head…all the picture-perfect moments spent in that dress. Similarly, perfumes can be a source to trigger memories of people and events which is a mesmerizing addition to the reputation.

Though, bringing that change to the way you wish to smell could be a hit and miss experiment, however, it is also a launch pad to newer experiences and possibilities. Changing your perfume could be the perfect trigger to improve your neuroplasticity (wiki it). Try to keep bringing in different fragrances to inculcate different genres of you as an individual. Smelling good can be a great confidence booster and will keep people thinking of you even when you aren’t around.


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