5 Great Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit

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For the longest time, most of us have tried to exercise and stay on our A-game when it comes to building a fitness routine or achieving that weight goal… but no amount of google searches on the same can depict the pain of falling off the wagon.

Most of us give up or find something that always seems more important. The most important lesson from these experiences is that we don’t understand that the available data at hand and the information at your perusal is too generic or addresses to a certain block of people. Moreover, the whole concept of personal fitness training can be too demanding and can prick a big hole in your wallet.

So, this brings us to the new generation of mobile phones, applications and wearable fitness technology which are not only available at your fingertips but are also customized to your growth and goals. Some of such great available technologies are as follows: 



This app helps us to achieve fitness and health goals by getting doctors, nutritionists and certified trainers on board. The app helps in tackling the calorie intake as it provides wide range of Indian food on providing detailed information on the macro/micro nutrients associated with it. The app has a strong influence of Indian body types and eating habits which just makes it ideal to use around the festivities. 



This is one of the finest Indian wearable technology that is available and targeted for the Indian population. With a special app this like most of its contemporaries helps you in setting goals and keep tracking your progress.  The product is ultralight and comes with a water-resistant feature which makes staying on top of your goals; sweaty yet fun. 



It’s the new age one stop solution to bring fitness into our busy schedules. Fitpass has affiliation with more than 4000 centres across 15 cities in India. With Fitpass, one has access to different fitness programs such as Zumba, Yoga, Swimming, and the best gyms in and around you. So, we guess it means more of working out and less working on the excuses…lol.


Run Keeper

A personal fitness trainer app that measures your workout distance, tracks it and improves your fitness. An extremely easy to use technology that works with the GPS facility on your phone calculating running pace, distance, elevation and of course the calories you burn every day. Also gives you the freedom to plan your workouts yourself or be guided with audio coaching. Its that amazingly sorted training app that fits for all – beginners couch lovers to marathon trainers.



This app provides a wide range of contemporary meditation techniques, which when practiced over time can help in fixing our modern-day hectic life. The idea is to focus and relax those over-worked brain cells in order to have better control over sleep, focus, stress, and patience. 

Irrespective of your reasons, there is now an existence of technology that helps you get there and guess what? You could watch yourself grow and improve.

All these apps, with their programs and their routines are superbly personalized. So, it’s time to get off the couch and kick those muffin tops back to where they belong! We will applaud your decision for a healthy lifestyle.


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