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Why Do We Doubt Our Intuition?

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Have you ever sat down and cribbed about how you stopped doing new things and how everything just seems to be mundane and mediocre? Do you find yourself settling for your safe-bet lipstick, thinking long and hard about that bold shade of red? All this thinking and still sticking to the safe bet is the new age hamster wheel which keeps running contrary to our intuition of trying or experimenting those new exciting things.

The quick and keen insight about such situations is often our intuition telling us that it’s time to do things differently. Deep down we do want to side with that gut feeling, but then who doesn’t like the ever-convenient comfort zone? There lies the thin line between mediocre and extraordinary. But why is it that we often find it difficult to address our intuition in the first place?

We majorly doubt our intuition because we get accustomed to our comfort zone which is based on the limited personal life experiences of the past. Every time there is a situation posing new circumstances, our brain is triggered into a dualistic thought process. This process takes into account- the choice of trusting your feeling (not emotions) or taking in the decision with calculated risk whose consequences that have worked in the past.

The inability to cultivate curiosity + not paying enough attention to our feelings can further lead to us doubting our intuitive feelings. To nourish our intuitions, we constantly need to question what we want and how do we feel, such as drinking a glass of water when you want and not waiting to finish up an email…planning your meal based on the want of your body & taste buds rather than what is available in the refrigerator!

All of us have access to our intuition but only a few of us can differentiate it from the pressured and conditioned scenario of wants and desires. Every day we have several opportunities to make intuitive choices but the pressure of doing the “right thing” can cause us succumbing to false urgency. This syndrome can manifest itself in various day to day verbiages such as- “Hurry up!” or “what’s taking so long”.

The uncalled stress of telling yourself to do things quickly or trying to please people because they are used to experiencing things in a certain way is again…the false urgency syndrome.  This often leads us to a crossroads where taking the road less travelled seems risky because it is filled with What Ifs.

We have a tendency of rushing things and getting things done, ergo we often forget to bring in our intuition into play, leading to mediocre or more familiar results. In this age and world, intuition is just not a fancy concept anymore, it is more of a skill that helps you envision or bring out different solutions to regular problems. It helps you empathise with people and connect with the vibe they emit which eventually helps you strengthen your relationships.

The unique thing about intuition is that if it doesn’t help you, it for sure signals you to take your time to accomplish or act on situations, do a quick risk analysis or even get rid of bonds that don’t bring you any joy.

Intuition is the human sense that seems to develop over time and it helps you to connect more with your environment and its elements. Though often ignored, it does help you question the normal and helps you make better decisions over time by teaching us the power of patience and critical thinking.


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