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How to Set Powerful Intentions That Work?

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In your busy life, in the middle of a bustling routine, how often do you take out time for yourself to focus on your idea, your purpose, and your vision?

Are you mindful of the energies you wish to attract and put out in the universe?

Intentions set the course of every wish. They fulfil our dreams – like a specific job, money, relationships, peace of mind, good health, love, awakening, and much more!

While cooking a hearty, wholesome meal, we intend to feed our families with love and care. Going to sleep, we intend to have a peaceful, healing night. Heading to a gym, we intend to have a productive session.

It is important to channel your energy and thoughts or feel what you want to feel – this way, a seed of an intention is sown from the subconscious to create a reality. When you hold on to your intentions, they get trapped. You need to release them and let them flow freely to grow and flourish.

Everything that you do begins with intention. When you decide to go shopping, join an activity class, hang out with friends, go for a long drive, or read a book – it all starts with an intention.

In ancient India, our sages observed that our fate gets carved by possessing the deepest desires. The deep-rooted desires within our hearts get translated into intentions that shape our fate. The problem is that most of the time, our mind is often wandering and is caught up in a lattice of emotions, memories, and overthinking. Such noise hinders the state of awareness that lies deep within the subconscious.

The most efficient way to invoke cognition is to focus on breathing (breathing techniques) and meditation which helps you to focus on your intention as it takes you to the depths of stillness and a state of pure consciousness. This forms an immaculate condition where you can plant the seeds of your intent.

Be clear and get specific with your intentions. Focus on the type of energy that you want to attract. The definition of being ‘successful’ is different for people with myriad perspectives.

“When you have clarity of intention, the universe conspires with you to make it happen.”                                                                                                                                                      – Fabienne Fredrickson

Also, the intention is more meaningful and likely to be fulfilled when it arises from a sense of detachment and contentment rather than a sense of need, attachment, or lack. The more attached you are to your wishes, the more fear and a sense of insecurity prevail. The intent is for things to flow freely and allow yourself to feel the feelings as they come and go. Release and let go of any needs as they come from a place of ‘lack’. Detach yourself from the fear and anxiety of the outcome. Let go of the rigid behavior. Do not question the power of your higher self. Just go with the flow.

Your subconscious is aware that everything is falling into place at the right time with patience.

Trust the universe, the process, and the timing. Your freed intentions are set in motion to create a reality. Intentions set without any expectations align your mind and heart with the plan of the universe. Keep a planner or a sticky note, write your intention and place it where you are reminded of it every day.

Meditate on your intention when your mind is free of stressful thoughts. It’s important to be persistent, but it’s also okay to take a break when you cannot focus well. Be persistent, but also be patient. Reflect on your intentions at the end of the day.

What you resist, persists — what you accept, transforms. Find the balance. Open your heart. Embrace things as they come and go. Acceptance is the key to receiving.

Unfold the magical power within you and see the intentions manifesting into reality.

What You Think You Create. What You Feel You Attract. What You Imagine You Become.
– Buddha


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