How to Pick the Right Skincare Products

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Remember those extra lit aisles of drugstore that is set to change your life with their skincare products? Sounds like the perfect indulgence, right? No matter how much you are in touch with your zen…the way those products are arranged or marketed, they surely seem to be the answer for every possible skin trouble.

We often ignore our skincare needs when it comes to buying skincare products (ignoring skin for skin care…Irony much!). Usually in a broader aspect, most of us can classify our skin into one these different types, such as:


 Dry Skin

This skin type addresses to the lack of lustre on the face. The dry and tight feeling that seems to bring dullness to your skin. In other words, the skin isn’t moisturized enough. Often some of us complain that no matter how much you try to moisturize your skin it just seems like it’s always dry. This means that the skincare products you are using aren’t able to sufficiently moisture the blocking ingredients.

Try using products which clean up all the impurities while keeping the moisture intact, for example-soap free cleansers. Scrubs and foaming cleansers should be avoided for such skin types as they can further impact the skin and make it dry and tight. Skincare products with hyaluronic acid also help in producing moisture without causing irritation, furthermore, it can help smoothen out those wrinkle lines, as dry skin aging faster. 


Oily Skin

This skin type always struggles with pores secreting more oils and aren’t able to resist the skin from attracting dirt and breakouts. One must skincare try to use gentle oil cleansers and sulphate free products.  Cleansing oils can often be a great fix for make-up removing potions as they not only help in getting rid of the dirt but also keep the skin feeling hydrated. Products that make the skin dry often trigger the body into producing more oils and this compensation can lead to our skin becoming oilier.

Oily skin can also lead to uneven skin tone which would promote usage of products that help brightening-up the skin with a smooth complexion. Good toners with rose water or aloe vera gel base can help balance out the overall oiliness of the skin


Sensitive Skin

This is the most “sensitive” skin type…that means you can never be too careful about your skincare routine…and reading ingredients before buying should be your second nature. Sensitive skins are susceptible to redness and irritation when exposed to products containing harsh formulas/chemicals. People with sensitive skin should avoid scented products as it can cause inflammation to skin. Try using products which use emollient base or are rich with ceramide. These elements help in faster absorption into skin and since they are devoid of additives; they are gentle to skin.


Acne Prone skin

This is the most talked about skin type, to the point that it can have a complete drugstore for itself. First and foremost, try to use cleansers with anti-bacterial properties associated with it as it helps in avoiding in-future breakouts. Use of non-comedogenic moisturisers can help keeping the skin pores un-clogged. Skincare products containing salicylic acid can help in keeping those blackheads/whiteheads and breakouts at bay. Lastly, use of matte-types sunscreens can help in minimizing shine and oiliness.


Combination skin

This skin type has the uniqueness of the other skin types and can often demand extra effort while deciding onto the skin products. This skin type usually requires the right balance between moisturizing and ingredients which don’t clock the pores. Try to include skincare products which are water based, for easier absorption. Ginseng containing products can help in making you feel fresh while hydrating the skin.


Lastly, no matter what product you invest in, growing knowledge about the type and needs of your skin is bound to take you a long way. Avoid spending on harsh chemicals and additives, as they cause irritation and redness. Stick to healthy eating and use organic base skin care routines that can help bring out the natural glow and still aren’t too rough on the pockets.


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