Growing Young: Here is Why You Need Beauty Rituals

Beauty, beauty ritual, lifestyle, wellness,, nude, glow, young
Beauty, beauty ritual, lifestyle, wellness,, nude, glow, young
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Skin Care is a ritual and not a routine. Florence Nightingale once said, “Women don’t even have thirty minutes…to call their own”. As the women in the old times were preoccupied with many roles laced with social responsibility, family life, and shaping their careers – they found almost little to no time to look after themselves. However, as time evolved, many women realized the importance of prioritizing their life, putting their beauty needs in the front seat.

Treating themselves to a relaxing spa, an indulgent facial massage, or a dip in a soothing sea salt bath with aromatic essential oils was something that the women in the earlier times would’ve least thought of.

Even today, we might think of treating ourselves to some indulgence once in a blue moon but would somehow fail to inculcate the same in our daily routine.
Did you know that even the most ordinary treatment for a few minutes can benefit our physical and mental well-being?

Let us show you some elixir stored in a jar that will spill a few secrets contributing to your beauty and well-being.


Less anxiety, more happiness!

The world as it seems today is drenched in a greater level of stress, anxiety, and fatigue as we try to cope with everyday life. There are many ways to relax and calm our nerves. Meditation, talking to your close friend or a mentor, a walk in a park or hiking, spending time with your pet, indulging in your favourite activity like reading a book or cooking/baking – all these activities are great examples of self-care that act as a great stress-buster.
Beauty Secret – Less stress = Better Skin & Great Mental Health.
As there’s less stress, the skin regeneration speeds up while decreasing inflammation.

Also, there’s a feel-good factor associated with grooming and caring for our skin. One should ensure to enjoy the process without being too hard on themselves.


Self-care as meditation

A gentle morning massage, exfoliation, and just a make-up ritual develops awareness in the present moment. There’s something relaxing about being focused on creating an image for yourself. The whole activity is fun while you experiment with it, makes one feel more confident, and puts all the world’s worries at a pause as you take some time to focus on yourself in the present.

According to a recent study by Spanish psychologists, developing mindfulness of what is happening now reduces depression and anxiety disorders.
Whichever self-care practice you choose to follow – be it putting on make-up or a breathing exercise- decreases stress and increases emotional stability.


Multisensory beauty

When choosing a beauty product, one might look at the active ingredients and the skin compatibility; one always goes beyond the formula and chemistry with the skin. Women also love to experiment with the textures, consistency, and fragrance of skincare products.
A pleasant aroma and a delicate, foamy texture enhance the senses.

After a long day, when one needs to wash away all the stress and needs an olfactory treat – a soothing, elegant fragrance helps to elevate the mood and refresh the senses. At the same time, a bright lip colour may ooze confidence at work.

Japanese researchers found that the olfactory stimulation by aromatherapy treatment improves sleep quality, and regular hair care reduces nervousness and improves emotional stability. Self-care with a beauty regimen is a rich experience that helps one regain control during turbulent times or boost self-esteem.


Pleasure at the hormonal level

As one tries to include self-care as a part of a routine, and once it starts becoming a daily practice by becoming an integral part of the schedule, it tends to trigger a feel-good factor. Drawing a hot water bath with salts, aromatherapy sessions, and applying fragrant essential oils and sweet-scented lotions just before bedtime are great ways to beat stress and fatigue. It helps one to sleep better as well. 

Little things like walking bare feet on grass, sitting in the sunshine for a while before getting ready for work, journaling, sipping on your morning beverage in calm surroundings with the sound of birds chirping – all these activities make a huge difference in building your emotional well-being.


Beauty treatments and happiness

Skin well cared for elevates satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. Certain products are an absolute investment for enhancing the quality of life. 

Self-care regimen makes you more poised in your talent and personality, makes you feel healthy and energetic and strikes a balance of emotional and physical well-being. 

In his book, ‘The Sea, the Sea’, Iris Murdoch quoted: “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats, and if some of these can be inexpensive and quickly procured so much the better.”

What could be better and more rewarding than pampering yourself after a long day with your favourite product’s charming aroma, delicate texture, and impeccable aesthetics? 


The core idea is always to keep your self-care regime and mental health on priority. 

In the comment section, let us know your ways towards self-care.



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