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5 Best Skincare Products for Expecting and New Mothers

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Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful journeys in a woman’s life; packed with deep love feelings and very intimate memories. Most of the usual skincare products are not allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding period as they directly affect the baby. In such a thrilling and life changing period we have to think for two – ourselves and our child.

So, it’s definitely the time to make some changes to our skincare routine.

Skincare marked as pregnancy friendly is our green light to keep our skin beautiful, glowing and tight.

Deciding from what goes inside your body, to what products go on skin can be a challenge, and in order to help you prepare and be a beautiful and healthy mom, here are few of our favourite Mom-friendly skincare products:

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Carrier Oil by Juicy Chemistry 

Becoming a mother brings in a lot of changes to the body and constant dryness of skin is one of the effects that can further lead to irritation of skin and rashes. Juicy chemistry has the ultimate sweet almond oil which not only nourishes the skin by seeping in, but also is super mommy-friendly.

The skincare made from pure and natural almonds used in the process help soothe dry-chapped skin and brings back that youthful glow. Rubbing the almond oil on those sleep deprived eye bags and nails can catalyse rejuvenation and replenishment.

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Stretch Mark Massage Oil by Mother Sparsh

The smile on the baby’s face should be the only reminder of the most amazing journey embarked and living with those stretch marks shouldn’t be the consolation prize you have to settle for. Mother Sparsh is a one stop skincare solution for getting rid of those nasty marks as it is filled with the goodness of kachur, jiwanti, nariyala and peepal oils. It smoothens the skin making it firm and radiant. The fine formula helps in restoring the elasticity of skin in the most natural way possible. Start to use it immediately after you’ve got the good news!

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Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil Narayana by Forest Essentials

The anti-inflammatory massage oil by forest essentials helps in bringing instant relief from backaches and muscle strains which can often be due to the “on-toe” care for the baby skincare. The oil helps also in reinforcing the bone tissues and tones the muscles.

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Dhawantaram Thailam Pre-Post Natal Treatment Oil by Kama Ayurveda

Motherhood can be the most tedious job which can take a toll on your sleep, food and health. Constant fatigue and pain all over could be the new normal, but not anymore…Kama Ayurveda’s pre-post-natal skincare treatment oil is an elixir in a bottle. Made with goodness of sesame oil, gooseberry, vetiver Indian madder and sida cordifolia, this oil has an earthy scent which when massaged, helps in relieving pain and fatigue. Regular use of this oil can improve skin texture, restore elasticity and boost immunity.

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Natural Nipple Butter by The Moms Co.

The process of feeding the new born can often cause soreness to the nipples and lead to dryness and cell damage. The Moms Co Butter takes the joy of feeding the young souls to another level by taking care of the mothers, the nourishment of kokum butter and coconut oil soothes cracked nipples and heals the skin. This skincare product is clinically tested and is made with chemical free ingredients that do not harm the baby even if they ingest it.

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Motherhood is the most beautiful experience filled with overwhelming situations that might take a toll on skin and health, but the joy of seeing that smile on the baby’s face can set the tone right…all the best Super Moms!


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