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Eco-Friendly Gifts & Giveaway Gift Ideas for Kids

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Plastic is everywhere, and we’ve forgotten how much we’re polluting our planet and affecting the quality of life of the future generation. Let’s think about how we can make a mindful choice and reduce the amount of plastic cruising around kids. Most of the plastic comes from toys. Along with the pervasive influence over nature, plastic also causes health issues for kids.

As a responsible citizen and a responsible parent, one must start thinking of mindful, sustainable, eco-friendly gifts for the young ones.

Kinder to the environment and safer for your little munchkins, eco-friendly toys made from naturally sourced materials like paper, wood, and textile make up for the best gifts.

We have curated a selection of brands that one can start to explore as meaningful, eco-friendly, and safe ways to buy gifts for the kids.


Eco-Friendly Gifts & Give Away Gifts Ideas


Bombay Kids Company Book & Jigsaw Puzzle Set

A delightful, brilliantly coloured, appealing jigsaw puzzle set comes in various themes ranging from numbers to alphabets, jungle & more! Little kids can have fun learning about different themes that enable them to build recognition and literacy skills! So pass on a box to spread the joy.

Jigsaw Puzzle & Book - In the Jungle,, kids, gifts, eco-friendly


World of Born’s Memory Game

When eco-friendly toys meet fun! This beautifully designed Memory Game is a fun, interactive game with creative illustrations for kids aged 3 years. It promotes sharpness, mental agility, and alertness.

Box_Memory-Game, born, eco-friendly, gifts, nmag, wellness.jpg


Pop Goes the Heart Craft Boxes

Sustainable craft boxes using eco-friendly ink make up an ideal return gift at your kid’s parties. The company focuses on quality, design, and care for nature. Customized boxes come in various themes like space, unicorns, easter, rainforest, and easy pictorial instructions.


Hand-Made Soft Toys


Tikiri Toys – Bonnika Dolls

Bonnika invokes a special kind of love and sense of responsibility while gifting a young one! Unique, hand-made, gentle, cuddly, soft-textured dolls are meticulously crafted with love, care, and a personal touch.

Hand-crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as natural dyes and cloth, these cute dolls serve as an excellent alternative to plastic when it comes to safety.

The folks at Tikiri are committed to creating awareness, collecting waste plastic, and reducing plastic usage.

Jigsaw Puzzle & Book - In the Jungle,, kids, gifts, eco-friendly, dolls



At Silaiwali, the people are committed to bringing high-quality products by up-cycling waste fabric generated from apparel scraps to create hand-crafted dolls made by Afghan refugees in India.

Their eco-friendly products support the sustainable incomes of marginalized artisans and help build and support their communities. The cotton dolls with woollen hair in Mom & Mini collection are adorable and make up for a perfect children’s gift idea.

Jigsaw Puzzle & Book - In the Jungle,, kids, gifts, eco-friendly, Silaiwali


Mama & Peaches

A one-stop-shop for safe & quality-verified baby and kid’s essentials.

Super soft, sturdy & durable plush toys made from knitted cotton are free from harmful chemicals.

Absolutely safe and environment-friendly, they are perfect for snuggling and make an excellent gift for baby shower gifts, kids gift baskets, or baby basket hampers. They come in various cute forms like a bunny, llama, elephant, and much more to the delight of young ones.


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Wooden Toys


Wufiy Chop-chop Set

This cute vegetable, fruit, fish & egg cutting set made from wood is a perfect gift for little master chefs looking for a fun kitchen playtime without any danger.

This beautiful hand-painted (with safe colours) set comes in a cotton bag. Made of high-quality wood with no sharp edges, it is 100% safe and eco-friendly, making a perfect eco-friendly gift & giveaway gift at kid’s parties.



Channapatna Toys

Bringing the classic art to life, Channapatna Toys keeps the tradition brimming to pass on to the next generation. All the wooden toys are eco-friendly, non-toxic, shockproof/ insulated, premium quality, and plastic-free. Crafted with organic, safe colour dyes, these fascinating toys explore the curiosity of the kids and make a great eco-friendly gift for kids.


Yoga Animals: In the Forest

Unique, interactive artwork with simple step-by-step instructions; Yoga Animals is an excellent introduction to mindfulness & yoga for children aged three and above. Written by a child yoga expert, the young ones are shown how to stretch, balance, reach and leap along with forest friends, teaching them how to boost their energy and relax with yoga.

Yoga Animals: In the Forest


All in all, it’s high time that we consider bringing a stop to the inclusion of plastic and inculcating healthy habits in our future generation by encouraging the use of eco-friendly, safe, meaningful, sustainable toys made from natural resources. With these eco-friendly gifts & giveaway gift ideas for kids, let’s together build a healthy, fun, and happy community!



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