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Post Pandemic Wedding Trends

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Are you gearing up for your big day in the post-pandemic era? As the wave of COVID-19 has abated its impact across the globe, couples all over the country who have been desiring to say “I do” after a long wait are slowly getting in the groove of planning & preparations for their Wedding as the lockdown restrictions have eased up. So, it’s time to shift back from ‘COVID is in the air’ to ‘Love is in the air’ with the necessary precautions and a few restrictions, of course.

People are bouncing back in the celebratory mood, but this time, the weddings are seeing a significant change with the ‘to-do list’. The change is inevitable with the Indian Wedding sans the hugging, crazy gathering, dancing away in huge crowds – the choices that are essential to make. COVID-19 has altered the Big Fat Indian Wedding scenario. It’s time to go easy on the ‘Band, Baaja, Baraat’.

An effective approach to smoothly executing safe weddings is with intimate ceremonies laced with hygiene standards.
Also, the lockdown period might have given enough time to the couples to re-strategize the wedding, keeping it low-key yet a fun, satisfying experience.

Here are the seven emerging trends to consider as you ‘Raise A Toast’ to new beginnings:


1. La Petite Weddings

The demand for hygiene and safety standards is imperative. Enforcing social distancing with a smaller guest list also means saving more money.
The extra budget opens a window to book a larger venue or conduct even a destination wedding. It also gives one an opportunity to gift the guests a welcome box for a personalized touch or get creative with the décor/arrangements.
If one wants a more extensive guest list, the couple can invite them in shifts or segregate the list based on the events.

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2. Seal it with a green

Sustainable weddings involving simpler & natural décor, minimal budgets, less waste, mindful utilization of resources with reuse and recycle policy (for catering, decorating, travelling & clothing) make up for a conscious, impactful choice.
Food waste segregation, sapling as wedding favours, upcycled décor elements, using biodegradable bagasse instead of plastic cutlery – all these activities are a total game-changer for a sustainable wedding.
A conscious effort to ‘Save the Nature’ along with ‘Save the Date’.


3. Virtual setups

The new-age digital surge has helped in creating an intentionally curated guest list. This saves a lot on travel, accommodation, and food expenses. In addition, with YouTube, Zoom Links, and better, easily accessible, high-quality & super-convenient live streaming services, the guests can tune in from any part of the world to watch as you ‘put a ring on it.

virtual wedding


4. Tons of personalisation

Don’t let the pandemic blues dampen your spirit, as one can come up with tons of personalization with the budget smartly allocated to more thoughtful solutions. One can choose insanely good themes, customize intricate details and décor aesthetics, get personalized signages by including fun details to spruce up the Wedding.

Personalised wedding I Nmag.in


5. Virtual Invites

The announcement of the wedding bells can now be a hassle-free, eco-friendly, budget-friendly, quick, and convenient process with just a click! The elaborate wedding cards are getting replaced with digital cards.
With a great range of aesthetic templates to choose from, one can personalize the wedding cards; thus, saving enough time & money with no postal charges or fuel consumption.Vitual wedding invite


6. Go local

As the #GoLocal trend reigns, more couples opt for locally sourced decor elements, local designers for their outfits, local suppliers & vendors to support the Indian businesses.
It’s a way of giving back to society as the couple expresses gratitude by choosing their services.
Choosing local venues to impart a stress-free experience with budget-friendly logistics makes the management more effortless.


7. Health & safety

Double vaccination, taking COVID test pre & post-festivities, social distancing are the standard norms that need to be followed throughout.
Gift your guests a kit of masks, sanitiser, or disinfectant spray, encourage more hot dishes at live food stations, ensure hygiene & sanitization of the venue, choose larger & open settings, and avoid handshakes/hugs well-spaced seating arrangements are some ways to set safety rules in place.


With the changing times, the wedding scenario has wholly taken a 360-degree turn with futuristic solutions to stay and evolve further. As the world recuperates from the pandemic, it’s important to stay more aware, adopt safe approaches, and forget not to have fun all along the way as you go forth from ‘Once upon a time to happily ever after’!


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