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Healthy Food – 5 Ways To Start Clean Eating

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Glowing skin and feeling energised doesn’t need the help of supplements or beauty products. Eating clean with fresh fruits and vegetables could do that for you, and it’s wonderful! The idea of eating clean will help you bolster a healthy lifestyle and will aid that happy and light feeling.

Clean eating is the age-old theory of substituting (or avoiding) processed and pre-packaged food with nature’s goodness in a wholesome way…now that’s being healthy “naturally.”

So, let’s start by understanding what clean eating means and how it is beneficial when it comes to our modern-day life. It is a simple concept which involves choosing “real fresh food” over-processed food, with the idea of maximizing the nutrient intake. This real-food would mean food items that are closer to their natural state so that we avoid the interference of preservatives and added flavors. Now, let’s find out different ways to start clean-eating:


Inclusion of vegetables & fruits

There is no doubt about the healthy behavior that vegetables and fruits bring in to our diet. They are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fibre that are anti-inflammatory and help in cell repair. They also have benefits that shield us from diseases such as cancer and heart risk when eaten for the long term.

Use of fresh raw vegetables and fruits in your salads or dessert toppings would bring in the much-needed natural flavoring and crunch…fresh and juicy strawberries and very berry salad over pizza sounds delicious, right?


No to processed food

The basic motto of clean eating talks about avoiding processed food as they tend to alter the natural goodness of food items in order to make them more tempting.

The process of adding preservatives and shelf-storing takes away the natural fibre content at the cost of adding refined sugar and chemicals. So, make it a habit to read the ingredients when you buy food from the supermarket, as they tend to use oils and chemicals which help them to prepare bulk batches…eating raw nuts or roasting it at home is far better than the ones roasted in vegetable oil.

Also, those granola bars aren’t super healthy when you start reading the ingredient list!


Healthy substitutes

A user of healthier alternatives will always have far fewer health risks compared to someone who eats to please the taste buds…provided everything is in moderation.

The use of olive oil in place of regular cooking oil will boost good fats intake and will promote a healthier gut.

Pouring yourself a glass of juice from the carton than eating a fruit is easy but surely not the wise choice. Let’s put it this way, to get you that one glass of orange juice (provided the claims of “no added sugar and preservatives” hold true) approximately 5-6 oranges are squeezed and then strained, whereas if you had to have the real kick of Vitamin C and associated fibre, eating 1-2 oranges will fill your tummy and help you go on for the day. So, this would mean less calorie intake, more wholesome goodness, and nutrients. Similarly, the use of cauliflower as an alternative to rice would help you in gauging healthier carbs and blow people’s minds at that next dinner party.


Water – the magic potion

Water is hands-down the healthiest beverage that ever existed. With no added preservatives, sugar, or chemicals…it helps keep your gut clean and your hydration quotient on fleek. Making it your go-to drink will help you get rid of all the toxins and achieve a more healthy-glowing skin.


Regulating alcohol intake

The process of fermentation, which yields alcohol, makes it acidic in nature. When taken in moderation, such as a “glass of wine,” can promote a healthy heart. However, when taken regularly, it can harbor health problems related to liver, digestion, bloating, belly fat…and of course the impaired decision making.

In order to support clean eating, try to bring the alcohol consumption to a bare minimum or even eliminate it altogether.


The idea of clean eating will help you get in-sync with your body, and soon you would see the results, which include-glowing skin, better digestion, more energy during the day…the list is endless. This would help you appreciate natural flavors and conscious cooking, followed by sustainable shopping and leading a lifestyle that supports agriculture.


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