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Climate change, global warming, epidemics, and drastic changes to flora and fauna…we live in a constantly changing world heading towards self-destruction. There are no Avengers or a Captain Planet around to save us. It’s time to channelize our inner superheroes for our environment by making kinder choices and leading a conscious life.

Often when you think about going green, there is a surplus of information, which can soon become too overwhelming and low-key depressing. The need of the hour is not to cause huge changes overnight but to inculcate small lifestyle habits that will yield greener surroundings in the near future.

One could start small and keep adding more to it over time. Here are some of our reccos:

Say NO to plastic

This has been said time and again, but there’s still a huge gap between intent and execution. Plastic for sure is dirt cheap, but no kin to the dirt…it stays in the ecosystem for eternity and continues to pollute the environment. This means only one thing…getting rid of the plausible threat altogether. Use of shampoo bars instead of shampoos that come in one-time-use plastic bottles could not just save you big bucks but can also help small businesses that are trying to save the environment. The use of uber-cool organic tote bags is a game-changer that makes you both; trendy and woke about mother earth. Next time you plan on getting a new chopping board, check out the wooden options…they are super easy to clean and have a sturdy shelf life.


Recycle and reuse

This is a super awesome motto to live by and also easy to follow. Use of metal straws instead of plastic, stainless steel water bottles, use of empty jars to store homemade marmalades…with such endless reuse-recycle possibilities, you could be the next conscious trendsetter. Recycling those old t-shirts from all the trips you took and turning them into a woven rug is not only a great conversation starter but also keeps the memorabilia closer and still useable.


Buy local

How many times have we showed up for grocery shopping, have not bought what we actually needed, and have ended up making a dent in our pockets? It’s time to bring in the habit of making lists that not only save you money and time but also make you more aware of your meal preparations through a thorough know-how of what ingredients go into your food. You can always buy small portions and make frequent trips, which will help you take the nature walk and try out a new variety of recipes. This practice does not only preserve genetic diversity but is also great for reducing ‘food miles.’


Slow fashion over ever-changing trends

Try to bring in deliberate fashion choices which are bigger on quality and longevity than something which wouldn’t even last a season (fashion faux pas’ alert!!!)  and end up in some landfill…continuing to pollute the environment. This could mean getting into your grandma’s wardrobe and finding those vintage articles, ageless…yet classy. This could be an opportunity to buy clothes that cater to multiple looks and amp up the oomph factor in your budget.


Green cleaning

We often use tonnes of chemicals and detergents to wash our linens and clothing items. These chemicals aren’t just harsh to the environment but also reduce the life of our beloved clothes. Switch to more organic cleaning agents, using cold water for washing and air drying instead of dryers can help make a huge contribution to energy and water conservation. Every time you chop your greens, use the waste to generate an organic compost system, which could help save the cost of chemical fertilizers, and help the home garden grow lush.


Next time you take a step forward in your lifestyle, think about our self-less mother nature, which never stops providing. Think about how small changes can make you more aware of the environment and inspire the world to be cleaner and greener.


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