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4 Online Courses for a Healthy Lifestyle

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We are what we eat!

It’s essential to understand that the healthy food and drink choices we make on a daily basis will impact how we will look, feel, and think. Food is the key to a healthy life.

We want to share with you our favorite selection of food health connection educational courses available. Eating right and making the right choice can help you make great personal progress. The following courses will help you understand how to support your body with required nutrition, feel full of energy, clear in your mind, and stay positive, happy, and satisfied.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

What started as a small New York City kitchen three decades ago has now become the world’s most esteemed nutrition and health coaching school. Their online training programs can help you transform your health and create a ripple effect by sharing the joy of learning and sharing with your loved ones.

You can learn more than 100 dietary recipes evolved by the science of plant-based eating, the goodness of raw food, and the therapeutic benefits of Ayurveda. The focus is to imbibe healthy eating principles through behavioral changes that would help you achieve your well-being goals.


Learn Ayurveda

The centre, which came into being in 1998 – in the heart of Jaipur City, offers Ayurveda consultations, Ayurveda training (both online and in-house), and Panchakarma treatments. The idea is to combine and nurture the art of Ayurveda into our lives to make it happy, healthy, and harmonious.

They offer both long- and short-term courses, which are inclusive of Ayurveda techniques that approach minor to major ailments and focus on how one can be prepared for all the changes that life has to offer. The courses are detailed and address the intake of age-appropriate food and the importance of exercise.



Yogisattva, a Mumbai based culinary academy, translates their idea of “Yoga-Being” into their food courses. The wholesome plant-based recipes are based on the concept of farm to fork delivery kitchen. They teach and retail unprocessed nutrient-rich food masterpieces which not only help cleanse your body of toxins but also make the gut healthier.

They provide certification diploma courses that include over 25 vegan dishes, which are inspired by different cuisines of the world, such as Lebanese, Mexican, and Asian. The recipes aim to create food masterpieces without the use of sugar or gluten, and the ingredients used in them can easily be sourced from your local markets.


Health Awareness Centre by Dr. Vijaya Venkat

Dr.Vijaya Venkat, who founded The Health Awareness Centre (Mumbai) in 1989, would often define health as not the absence of disease but a wide spectrum – where one can always become healthier, which is directly dependent on their way of living. The health centre is known for its lunch dabba, which is created with organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, and sprouts. The idea is to have meals that are devoid of processed or refined food options, especially “the five white poisons”- sugar, salt, saturated oils, and dairy products.

The centre’s mission is to provide rightful counseling and education about “Health” as envisioned by Late Venkat. Here you can learn how your body works within 24 hours – what is the most natural schedule for meals, what kind of food to have during the day, how to build new healthy eating habits, and make yourself feel satisfied by intaking a colorful and rich flavor spectrum for your sight, taste, and smell.

Life may have unexpected twists and turns but being prepared for it is an uber-cool way to stay on top. Learning about our body and the food we cook and eat can become a lifestyle choice and can create a strong foundation for the ultra-conscious YOU. So, it is time to sharpen those knives…put on the chef hat, and Bon Appetite your way to healthy eating!

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