5 Tips on How to Increase Your Sensuality

5 Tips on How to Increase your Sensuality, sexuality, sexual health,, nude, sexy, feel good, red copy
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Writing this article feels (sort of) liberating in itself – to discuss the subject of sensuality with women in this sisterhood we have created at!

One long myth that frequently lingers in our usually conservative, societally-open or at the brink of opening mind is that being sensual equals to being sexual….umm, the short answer is NO!!!

Sensuality sums up everything that you do to get into a conversation with your senses. The complete feeling that you get, experiencing the things you like – which could certainly include sex but it isn’t just that!

The carefree dancing in dim lights, the widest smile while getting drenched in the rains, the simple curry and rice and(read happiness) when you eat it with your bare hands or the most genuine eye-contact with your loved one – Welcome Sensuality.

Trust us, getting rid of your presumptions and being open to explore takes you closer to experiencing the freedom, pleasure and wholeness of femininity. Yes, it’s that powerful!

So, let’s dive into the tips of having that intimate connection with oneself so as to embrace our sensual-self.


Take out time

Tip Numero Uno is to get rid of all the excuses your busy self keeps giving you and set aside time to discover your sensuality. Consciously schedule a slot every day to explore what makes you feel good and keep learning your body’s language when it communicates with you about the deep pleasures of life.


Practice mindfulness

Don’t shy away from the relaxation, the easy time when you start living in the present, gathering your attention to now and only what you feel – only then will you awaken your sensual side.

Mindful breathing aids the process as the mind loosens up its tensions and you are in control of what you wish to think or focus on at that moment.
Check out our article to get more details on the technique here.


Hear the voice

Sensuality lives in listening to the inner self – go on hear it out loud! Be a listener to your own thoughts or immerse in the sounds of nature. Do you recall, what did your voice sound like when you were head over heels in love with someone? Each time you both brushed little whispers of affection to each other – there were tones of depth, seduction and happiness.
That’s the closest example of the sensual voice you have heard before.

There is a sensory stimulation accompanied by sounds. So, cue up your all-time favourite playlist or start your day by saying good words to yourself, staring at the mirror, in the happiest and relaxed voice!


Learn about your body

Explore stroking your shoulders, arms and neck – connect with your body and its desires. Let the love for yourself grow stronger! Try different fabrics and cloth, experiment with lingerie – notice what pleases your body. Do different stretches and exercises to observe what brings relief to your body. Sit in the sun to feel its warmth, cuddle with your partner to learn what increases your pulse.

Sensuality grounds our bodies and introduces us to the concept of not just living in our heads but fully accepting who we are and actually enjoying it!


Rediscover Smell

Our sense of smell connects with emotions, memories and of course our sense of self. Mindful sensuality also can be found in lighting your favourite scented candle while taking a lukewarm shower after a long day or the perfume that you involuntarily wear on days when you feel supremely optimistic. Familiar scents go a long mile to accentuate your experiences and transport you emotionally towards those good vibes.

These are certain tips to harmonise your sensual self and opening up to explore the simple yet precious pleasures of life.


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