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Do I Need Supplements?

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Looking at those nerve popping supplements ads or walking through the “supplement your life” aisles in stores…we all have once wondered about their potency. Moreover, most of us have had that recurring question of their workability and how much does one gain from them? (Pun intended).

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A huge percentage of us start the intake of at least one kind of supplement without a proper understanding of the same. The most common reason to start a supplement regime is usually peer pressure, or the hoo-ha surrounding the idea of building that perfect body.

One of the most important lessons that one should learn is that all bodies are different and one should not risk taking something just because the world claims that you need it. The problem also stems from the fact that supplements are available without a prescription and we rely more on suggestions of people than understanding the science of our own body.

Our body needs minerals and vitamins which help in optimizing the functioning of our physical well-being…and yes, all of them are available in the day-today food items that we consume. With easy access to supplements, we often overlook the long-term effects of such things…which in our opinion isn’t the best thing to practice.

With some planning and keeping ourselves well informed about seasonal fruits and vegetables we can fullfill our bodies with vitamins and mineral needs. Essential vitamins and minerals with their availability in natural form is mentioned below:

  1. Vitamin A (eyes, growth and development) – Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Melons, etc.
  2. Vitamin B (energy production, immunity, easy iron absorption) – Whole grains, Potatoes, Bananas, etc.
  3. Vitamin C (anti-oxidant properties, blood vessel strengthening, skin elasticity) – Oranges, Lemons, Green Peppers, Strawberries, etc.
  4. Vitamin D (strong and healthy bones) – Sunbathing, Eggs, Fish, Mushrooms, etc.
  5. Vitamin E (Blood circulation) – Almonds, Nuts, Tomatoes, etc.
  6. Vitamin K (Blood Clotting and Coagulation) – Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, etc.
  7. Calcium (Healthy teeth and bones) – Yogurt, Tofu, okra, broccoli etc.
  8. Iron (Natural muscle building) – Soybean, Cereals, Beans, Spinach, etc.
  9. Carol Haggans (a registered dietitian and consultant to NIH) states that it’s possible to get all the required essential nutrients by eating a balanced diet and supplements are just an alternative to fill in the gaps. So, it’s up to us to manage and bridge that gap and make sure we include all the required nutrients in our diet.

Often these supplements can have a negative impact and can be the reason for numerous other unpleasant outcomes. Since they aren’t tested on masses and can be ignorant of other on-going ailments in a human being, it’s important to consult health experts or doctors before you decide to integrate them into your lifestyle.

Lastly, remember that there aren’t any quick fixes to getting healthier…yes some of these supplements can aid the process but relying on them for magical transformations can bring more sorrow than happiness. Try to eat healthily, read the nutrient status of the ingredients used and take initiatives to include different seasonal and local food groups in your diet. This will not only make you confident about your food choices but will also help you understand the needs of the body.


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