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Here’s Why We’re Obsessed With Gua Sha Face Massage

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We all know a thing or two about stress and how it takes a toll on our body and skin…well, the acne, dullness and puffiness are pretty self-explanatory. The late-night overstressing and hangover bloating are clear canvas masterpieces on our face, and it’s time we take charge to dial up the radiance quotient of our skin by use of the tool: Gua Sha (gwa-shah)!

Been in existence for so long, and recently trending beauty and care trends – Gua Sha is a practice of scraping the skin using a flat tool to improve circulation, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

The science involves breaking up the connective tissue around muscles called fascia, which then triggers the body to repair it by making more collagen.
They are usually made out of jade or rose quartz gemstone (as they are known for healing energy), which help in massaging and stimulating the stuck-up energy, a.k.a body’s “chi”, which elevates the overall health.

The technique is known to essentially scrape all the water and lymphatic fluids under your skin to the edges of your face and push in down your neck to drain. With all the pushing of fluids around under your skin, your face will plump up with fresh and better blood circulation…bringing in the radiance and glow and naturally sculpting your face!

While the tool is pretty simple, the quality of gemstone is always something to look out for. Also, check if it has any metal pieces that might have contaminants that could potentially cause damage to the skin. Gua Sha are usually made using jade or rose quartz, so do your research and pick the stone which feels right to you…based on the energy of stone and colour. Also, make sure to get the tool with more than one angle- a V or U-shaped corner, curved longer edge to target numerous parts of the skin, including eyebrows and under eyes.
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All you need is some moisturizer or serum oil (even rose water works fine) to smoothly help the stone glide across the skin and avoid friction. Find the angle that works the best for the shape of your face, and let the Gua Sha -ying begin!

Go around your cheeks, under-eye, chin, forehead and down your neck to your chest. Try to keep your neck decongested before you start pushing all the toxins down. Move the tool in three different sections (both sides and then right below your chin) …approximately 5-10 strokes towards the face. Then in a sweeping motion, scrape side to side- from the corner of the mouth all the way to the ears, under the ears. Though it might sound a lot, but it is so relaxing that you would want to go on for hours. While massaging, add some firm pressure but make sure not bruise yourself. Some redness and little red dots are expected as it suggests that the Gua Sha is pushing blood to the surface, which is precisely what you would want.

Gua Sha helps people relieve tension in the neck, scalp and face and pushes out the toxins and help you get that flawless skin filled with radiance.
You must try this skincare routine which is being accepted as the beauty DIY tool globally, for that perfect jaw and chiselled cheek bones you always desired!
Let’s switch to some me-time with a Gua Sha massage ritual.


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