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Online Date Make-Up Tips

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It’s 15 minutes to your virtual date night and you need to look your best! All those glamorous pictures on the Insta feed need to do justice right here, right now!

Life can be a chaos, and you might have to juggle many things simultaneously, which leaves less time for sculpting, elaborate contouring and acing that perfect winged liner.

Well, we understand your struggle, and we are here to help you achieve that effortless look within minutes. So, let’s break down easy steps to get that subtle glowing face without the filters:


Lock in the hydration

Go ahead and wash your face with a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the grime and dirt, making your skin dull. Once you have a cleansed-up canvas, we are ready to create a masterpiece.

Use a generous amount of hydrating moisturizer to add luminosity and bounce to your skin. Skin creams containing hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts will help plump up the skin and fade those fine lines that can bring down your overall look.

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Get those radiant eyes

Long hours of working and staring at a screen can tire your eyes and make them look red and puffed-up.

Use eye drops that help get rid of puffiness and eye fatigue…meanwhile, relieving the stress in and around your eyes so that the charm remains intact.

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Mascara check

Let’s give your eyes extra definition by curling up those lashes and making masterstrokes using black mascara. The critical point is to use your mobile or laptop screen to put it on, as that’s precisely how it would portray your eyes virtually. With the exact definition and reflection of your screen in your eyes, it will make them look brighter and more whimsical -sounds like all the things we wanted. Eh?

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Blush it up

The idea of looking at your loved one should already make you rosy – but we can’t risk looking washed up ‘coz of pixelated technology. So, go ahead and pick a shade which pops up those cheeks and amplifies the happiness of date night. Tap off the extra product and move your brush in oval-shaped motion to blend it nicely into your skin-tone.

Using vibrant yet warm tones will help you accentuate your look, making your face livelier and fuller of life.

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Feel it. Conceal It

Take some concealer on that blender and go around concealing those dark circles (courtesy of late-night overthinking), on the bridge of your nose and inner corners. It will help you hide away all your problem areas and get a smoother look. Try and squeeze in some contour lines to uplift your face structure and define that jawline. Finish the entire look by brushing up some loose powder and setting spray; this will help you get an even look.

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Lastly, swipe up a lovely shade of lip colour to tie up the entire look. Don’t forget to bring along your extraordinary personality with a charming sense of humour because honestly, you are most beautiful when you smile!


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