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Must-Try Makeup Trends

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You don’t need a reason to play dress up!

Makeup brings you joy – go ahead make a statement as you start this new year with these fantastic makeup trends that are here to stay. Legit!

Nmag brings you inspiring know-how about the looks, something new, and some habits – basically everything about makeup that you need to know.


Let’s talk eyes

With the focal point of beauty moving upwards as masks hide our smiles, eyes create all the drama! From the reimagined classic cat-eye makeup to popping bright colours of happiness on those eyelids – eye makeup shall be the first to enter the trend of this year. Eyes will always be the first medium of expression and experiment to let the beholders appreciate the beauty. Textured or graphic liners, raised arches with good brow gels and a colourful volumizing mascara to prep those lashes will help you look the best.


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Less is everything

We have stayed home, indulged in self-care and umpteen DIYs to take good care of our skin all of last year. So, the makeup trend that is catching up is going bare, natural foundation to bring out the dewy glass skin that only raises the bar of beauty. With shades of nude, light highlighters that accentuate natural skin-like finish using all the protection and benefits of a non-shiny, soft foundation that spreads radiance!


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Vocal for local

Fortunately, our recent slow lives and economies have shed light on the importance of homegrown labels, boutique and artisanal brands that are creating quality products in the field of makeup. Many adopt these clean beauty brands closer to home, trying and exploring their distinctive products for their makeup regime and comfort. This supportive trend is, hopefully, a shining star away from the mainstream.

Discover some Indian brands for yourself in our article here


All hail stain

We all can swear by a juicy tangerine lip or a bold red that some days saves our mood and glow, while on some days it’s that perfect standing element of confidence! With the masks entering our lives – lip stains have smoothly entered all our dressing shelves so that there is no proof of makeup transferring onto our mask. A good, hydrating lip stain stays for almost 12 hours without any lip lines or flaking, just the scintillating shade of your choice.


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Talk colour

Opening those palettes of bold colours, 2021 will see this trending high!

Electric blue eyeliner drawing a crisp cat-eye to brighten up the look or technicolour lashes – truly sky is the limit!

Colours bring in the playfulness in makeup, and a far-out broad spectrum surely will amp up the entire affair.

We hope these trends of the year spike up your creative juices, and you try them out your way.

Go ahead! Create your own stories of fun, fashion and, of course, makeup!


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