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Secrets to a Great Haircut

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Getting a haircut is a step towards transformation.

We all love being stylish, and we keep looking for ways to enhance our looks and appeal – hair becomes super crucial in contributing to that unique persona.

Here are some tips on how to ask for a great haircut, get one and also keep it amazing


Do homework to know what you want

It’s always better to decide and imagine the type of haircut you want for yourself.

Last-minute rush will not give you fancy results. If you are thinking of a new style or something different from usual, take the time to research and know what you want. Even friendly recommendations could be a starter.

Another thing to remember is to be realistic about your hair type. What suits you and could go with your hair type would be a much more executable choice.

So do a fair amount of homework before entering that favourite salon!


Book a consultation

Compatibility helps the process.

So, the first rendezvous with your hairstylist is very important.

The consultation will always help you to get that desired look. You can ask the stylist what type of hair/styles they have experience within that process. They will answer your queries which will ultimately help you determine if they are going to be a good fit for you or not. Bringing some pictures for reference may also help (they are a blessing!) as they express what you want and the stylist could better understand how to achieve it.


Don’t just sit, speak

Getting your hair done involves two-way communication.

If you have any doubts, ask. It’s unlikely the hairstylist has made a mistake, but ask any questions you need to put your mind at rest. Remember colour and cuts are not a tattoo and they can always change direction if you’re uncomfortable. When your hairdresser starts asking questions about how often you wash, blow-dry or treat your hair – don’t lie! It isn’t a test to see how well you look after it. Being honest about your hair maintenance routine helps your hairdresser create a style that fits with your lifestyle.


Work together

You hairdresser may also have a few ideas on what cut will work best for you – and it’s worth listening since they are the professionals! Just don’t completely surrender to their suggestions, mainly if you’ve come in with a firm style in mind. Consult together on the cut and proceed only once you both have a clear direction in mind. And also, one of the most important things is to be specific. Suppose you don’t want your hair to be cut beyond a particular length or you hate it when your hair is parted in a particular direction. Let your hairdresser know. They are not mind readers.


The after-cut advice

Lastly, you want your locks to look gorgeous not only when you walk out of the salon but also for weeks after that. Ask your stylist if there are any particular ways or tools, or products you should be using. The more detailed the info you get, the more likely you will be loving your look for the long haul—not just for the 24 hours following your salon visit.

These do’s, and don’ts should surely come in handy and prepare you better in the hair department, assuring great results.

We hope that your meeting with your new hairdresser goes smooth.

We wish you a fantastic haircut!


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