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Delicious Cheese Brands Made In India

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From cheese ‘n’ wine tasting to cheesy pick-up lines. We all love cheese and we can’t get enough of it. Rich…creamy…flavourful cheese is surely bits of heaven and the best part is there is so much variety of it. Yes, it’s time to get over the age-old Indian cheese a.k.a. paneer and bring home top-notch handmade artisanal cheese, which is made in India!


The Spotted Cow

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie is a small house-owned creamery based in Mumbai. They are famous for their “frightfully close to the French-style cheeses” as they put it. Their bombrie and camembay cheeses are part of the handmade artisanal cheeses which happen to be cent-percent vegetarian and preservative free.

They make the delicate portions of cheeses in small batches and age it to perfection. The black truffle brie and fresh goat cheeses are no all-time favourites and simply “brie-lliant”!

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Eleftheria cheese

Eleftheria is a Mumbai based micro-creamer with strong affliction to European-inspired cheese classics. Fresh and preservative-free artisanal cheese with melt-in mouth goodness is what they have been delivering since 2014. Their great quality cheese is not only enjoyed by customers around Mumbai but also are preferred by top chefs and feature in fine-dining restaurants.

Though they serve the Italian classics such as burrata, mozzarella, nodini, and ricotta…their signature cheeses include brunost and belper knolle which are surely the highlight. Fromage Blanc as a cream cheese substitute is loved by customers who have a sweet tooth.

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The cheese collective

Started in 2014 by Mansi Jasani, the cheese collective has spectacular collection of goat cheeses. Goat cheese “party balls” with flavours of honey, herbs, pepper, red chilli, and jalapeno is a super-hit option when you have guests over. They also have customised cheese hamper and platter options which help you relish various kind of cheeses in one go. Honey, fruit and jam goat cheese is a great option to be served with dessert or quick croissant bites.


Himalyan Cheese 

What started as a simple inexpensive local tea-time snack in the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, has now become a great renowned cheese brand of the Himalayas, all thanks to the Dutchman named Chris Zandee.

Himalayan cheese believes in symbiotic benefits of local inhabitants and nature by using locally sourced milk and creating cheese for different taste pallets. Other than yummy gouda flavours such as chilli, cumin, garlic fenugreek, basil, they also produce vacuum-packaged Kalari (traditional ripened cheese) for those who can’t make it to their shop.


Kodai Cheese

Kodai cheese began their journey from a small factory in Kodaikanal (1972) and now have emerged to be an organic farm in Tamil Nadu. They are known for their sharp, nutty and slight salted parmesans followed by cheddar which is available in chilly and pepper tastings. Kodai blue is another famous option which gets its name due to the aging process and works well with wine and salad dressings.


Cheese is one of the most famous delicacies which finds its way in various forms…cherished in different ways as per the mood, taste, and texture. So, it’s a great time to start exploring different types of cheeses and develop those taste buds to indulge in the romantic taste of pure joy!



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