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10 Stunning Homegrown Decor Brands

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Our homes aren’t just living spaces but our sanctuary, where we relax and calm down. It is like our personal space to decompress. Every home has a story that unfolds the moment you enter – speaking out your persona and style. Converting a house to home requires your personal touch, the much-needed attention to every corner and wall.

So, let’s help you make your home extra special by indulging in a selection of 10 beautiful local décor brands that will redefine aesthetics and charm.


Ikai Asai

Ikai Asai is an artsy and genuine brand that focuses on accentuating the gathering spaces around the table décor. Their value lies in collaborating indigenous material with designers’ inventive techniques, bringing contemporary beauty into physical form. The brand has everything from ceramics, tableware, and furniture to lighting, making every day decorative pieces distinctive yet aesthetic. Their tableware collection will undoubtedly uplift the eating experience and make them a conversation starter. The terracotta décor variety will surely add more character to the bohemian vibe.


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A marvel brand with a strong feminine character of determination and passion.

Aesthetics and passion for design took a leap when Nur (one of the founders) got deeply inspired by her Jaipur environment (the city where she had been staying for quite some time).

Her universe with the incredible craftsmen and women of India encouraged them for their big dreams, and now they have their bases in both India and Kuwait and a global reach!

Taking the heritage of rich India ahead with bold designs, bright prints, unique shapes and memorable décor elements carved from mundane objects. Their designs using block prints, all hand-printed with ancient Indian traditions, are such a hit, along with their incredible and most loved brass line. Such exciting collaborations with local artisans and their love for each of their pieces are unique!


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AnanTaya is a unique store experimenting with various crafts, materials and creating new paradigms for Indian design. Their bespoke and artisanal processes for furniture, lighting and interior accessories makes everyday life a luxury experience.

Their products, ranging from lamps to mirrors and opulent desk accessories to exquisite table accents, narrate the tale of timeless aesthetic décor.


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It’s an award-winning brand with a passion for storytelling through its designs. Their collection depicts travel, adventures worldwide, and dream vacations in an inspiring burst of colours.

Their rug pieces are quirky and so fun that they could become excellent wall showcase pieces too.

Their range is hand-tufted and handwoven with original illustrative designs that can be customized in any size and colour for your happy home.


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Originated in the Brass City, Moradabad of the Indian terrain – it is here where the old techniques meet the new designs, and the fusion of both is a result that becomes the demand of today’s market.

Their collection is an amalgamation of metals hammered with old techniques in new designs of planters, furniture, lanterns and more.

Our personal favourite is all the décor items made from iron – the wireframe chairs for an outdoor setup, the planters’ range for your garden décor and the gorgeous home lanterns for styling your house with some fine lighting choices.


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Glass Forest

Glass storming with their tableware and home décor made in colourful glass. This beautiful home-grown brand will delight you with their quirky glass straws series of ladybugs, flamingos and frogs with child-like excitement when you enjoy your morning smoothie!

Their unique delicate-looking votives are such a contemporary pick for your house – inviting positivity and a warm aura when you light candles in them—even their two-colour statement glass vases chic up your tabletop in an instant.


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Gulmohar Lane

Gulmohar Lane takes pride in designing and creating exquisite furniture pieces. Their craftsmanship adorns fourth-generations of furniture karigars, who have been working for the Royalty in Rajasthan.

Their latest collection of handwoven Rattan – from trinket bowls, lanterns to wall decor will make your home an inviting sanctuary.

Gulmohar Lane’s lighting range has a significant influence on earthy tones and material that is perfect for giving your corners a whimsical touch.


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The creation of Aman Khanna, Claymen – depicts human emotions, dilemmas, and functionality through sculpting art. Aman Khanna is a quirky artist who creates masterpieces based on his observation of the commoner, which means “they are what they are: a celebration of a style that lives at peace with its imperfections”, as he puts it. The sculpture designs are categorized under functional and dysfunctional designs. The functional range has jars, cups, vases, table lamps, etc. and dysfunctional articles include human figurines and bubbleheads showcasing eccentric emotions.


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The Rug Republic

From decorating the royal courtyards to making their place in the familiar person’s humble abode, carpets have moved through time and space to become an extension to one’s personality than just a piece of ornament: high-quality rugs, carpets and cosy pouffes. From classic abstract to neutral tones, upcycled pieces to everlasting ethnic prints, they serve a wide variety to make your living space more personal and stylish.

Décor is an exciting way to make your living space unique and personal. Make sure to keep adding bits of your personality to depict your style while creating functional yet pleasant zones of comfortable living.


Art and Found

If you appreciate art and indeed have a knack for good masterpieces adorning your living space – then this brand is your one-stop solution. Beautiful illustrations to quirky art pieces, they have a diverse range of genres to dive into to make your style statement unique and loud. They also have many articles highlighting your being’s core values, such as your city, your passion, things you relate with, or just human emotions. Since the brand is a holistic curation of different artists and styles, you ought to find your calling.


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Every time you put something that you love and is authentic to you – your space becomes part of your story!


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