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What Really Matters? Interview with Debina Bonnerjee

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The atmosphere is breezy and scenic as the hills gently roll away to the nearby lake whispering sweet little nothings at The Source at Sula Vineyards.
Amidst this relaxing view we have the unfazed and cool Debina enjoying the weather, sipping her wine and describing to Margo Samant serenely about her personal journey and all the conscious habits that she has adapted.

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What’s the secret behind your fitness?

I am constantly in the habit of switching between activities at regular intervals. My fitness is not contained to just one thing – sometimes I practice yoga, the other times simply dancing gives me agility. Then I absolutely love the gym.

How does that really happen?

I guess the thought to never break the continuum and keep going at it works wonders for me.
Just the fact that I should workout everyday – i.e., all 7 days of the week for my body & wellness keeps the drive on!
I literally do not miss a single day.

What does your workout comprise of?

Both my husband and I – we do free-hand exercises, weights, and even running, irrespective of whether we are at the gym or home. We figure out our ways.


What are the rules that you follow for food?

Well, clean eating is like a way of life now. The search to be closer to nature and opt for a sustainable lifestyle has been a well-intentioned choice!

How do you manage it?

I try to stay away from processed food, sugar, and anything that’s excessively oily or fried. Potato chips, French fries, and that kind of food is a complete no-no. It’s simply not a part of our diet and we never have them. It’s not that we’re restricting ourselves, we just don’t have it.


Tell us about your flawless and healthy skin…

(Laughs) It’s a question that I am often asked – I will answer with all honesty…it’s the food I eat!

Food is connected to how you look – please elaborate

The moment you start eating clean, your skin benefits so much. It gets hydrated, detoxed, and is more balanced overall.

So, any advice you wish to share with our readers?

With skin essentially – it’s all about what’s going on inside.
The application comes later. What you eat matters the most when it comes to keeping your skin glowing.
Also never ever be lazy about your skincare regime! Take that effort to keep it nourished.


Spill us the mantra about being positive?

I think it’s very important to always have something that makes you feel happy around you.
I have a tiny little pet dog who makes me very happy.

What have been your learnings from the lockdown phase that we all have recently experienced?

Just admittance that – it’s only natural for human beings to feel dull at times.
It’s imperative to acknowledge the feeling and not just shrug it off or even escape by getting occupied.

So true!
What made it better for you?

The company of my friends around me who listened to me.
Everybody should have that set of people- not a lot, but a handful with whom you can open up. The ones who are compassionate towards you and willing to understand you!

Talking about positive mindset – any book that had an impact on you?

I recommend this book called ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’. It’s about life after death, reincarnations, and souls. It speaks about how spirits and souls of the same nature usually bond together. And trust me, after you read it, you’ll look at the world in a completely different way!

Please elaborate…

(with enthusiasm) Like how sometimes we instantly connect with someone – is the fact that our soul recognizes the other soul whereas on the other side, you simply don’t connect with some people. It’s not that they’ve harmed you, but you just don’t seem to get along. In such situations, maybe your soul has recognized that other person’s soul from one of your previous births.

It is super intriguing with research from all over the world!

That’s very deep and beautiful, as you are. Thanks for sharing that. Definitely adding that to my list of reads!

Flashing a smile, Debina engages us in a satisfying confab from her lens about what really matters!

Health, Food, Skin and the Mind – everything is connected and we could surely take some inspiring notes from her positive energy and dedication towards it.

The interview has been edited and condensed.


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