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Our Resolutions for 2021

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Bringing some positivity with resolutions for the New Year!
Here is a list that could inspire you to create your own resolutions for 2021!


I wish to concentrate for a little while in my day with the right meditation or breathing exercise or even tuning my brain to be more receptive to the conscious sounds of nature; it would make me more aware of the present.

Some ready links for inspiration:

Margo Samant (Founder)


Complete my Spanish Course

This year I shall attempt to make it happen! I love the language, and it has been 3-4 years that I have just not completed my language course. My resolution for the year is to undo my procrastination belts and have my Spanish sentences ready by the end of 2021.


Manan Vora (Website Development)


Get Fit, Fitter, Fittest!

Homebound this absolute uncertain year, I have realized that my body needs to be active and fit – so I am going to start with a regular yoga class to charge my mind, body, and soul; be up for outdoor activities like cycling or a good run.
Targeting a 3 or 5 day a week schedule.

Rohan Dhirwani (Marketing & SEO)
Sameeksha Vaibhav (Content Developer)


Learn to Drive

I have really neglected this necessity for quite a long time. I need to learn how to drive so that I feel more independent about my commute and travel plans. I have often imagined myself beaming delightfully when I hit the steering wheel of my dream car – this year, I am focused on making it happen!

Prakhar Khandelwal (Content Developer)

Focus on my Art

Only recently have I discovered about my leaning towards drawing, sketching, and everything artsy. These past few months, I have really enjoyed focusing my morning hours on creating portraits and abstract art using varied material boards and colors. I wish to polish this newly realized skill by enrolling for at least 2 workshops a quarter – so that I diversify, learn, and always be curious about the infinite art around me!

Ayush Raj Srivastava (Content Developer)


Going back to Music

It’s been a gap year of music for me! I have stopped making any attempt to discover new artists, new genresand thrive in the deep joy that music brings to my life.  So, I think it’s time to rejuvenate the cycle and approach the tunes, the beats, the melodies with a fresher mindset.

To begin that – I will be renewing my Spotify subscription for starters and hopefully share my #SpotifyWrapped with you all by the end of 2021!

Sameeksha Vaibhav (Content Developer)


We think resolutions could be the smallest of things. What is beautiful is to make up your mind and stick to them to pat your back when the year ends. 2021 is all about getting yourself energetically in sync, which means listening more to what you really need to do. We hope you are all inspired enough to reflect and make your own resolutions for the year! Subscribing to the nude newsletter could be a good start, eh?


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