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5 Cool Jewelry Lines to Keep on Your Radar

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Jewels accentuate your sartorial look; they are sweet embellishments that depict your emotion, your style and bring that sparkle and shine, which is unique for each defined look.

We admit that we are a fan of simple, uber-cool stylish jewelry that smoothly oscillates from being an everyday enhancer to a big occasion pride!

Bringing you 5 such cool fine jewelry brand lines that are trendy, give you a well-polished and sleek appearance, and are totally worth exploring.

Agaro Jewels

Roshni Singhal has our heart!

Agaro is that artisanal jewelry brand that will mesmerize you with its amalgamation of enamel and 22K gold – a collection that you have rarely seen before.

Vibrant patterns presented with a fresh take on tradition and grandeur of the bygone era in a contemporary, easy, and wearable manner.

Check out their Minar Rings and their special Roya Collection jewelry, which is done with a resplendent aesthetic.

Agaro jewels, nude, magazine, nude magazine, lifestyle magazine


Angana Nanavaty

Intention based eponymous jewelry label – sounds intriguing?!?!

(Well we promised you COOL – totally curating the best)

Finely crafted 18K gold jewelry that sometimes expresses the synchronous harmony with nature – like in The Sea & Me Collection with mussels and clams casting jewels done with definite lines or her first collection Incantation that resonates with your desire’s certain spells and mantras ex: third eye, fish and the unicorn horn.

Pronouncing WOW to the world and how!

Angana nanavaty, jewelry, nude, modern, lifestyle, ring, golden ring, third eye

Tallin Jewels

Handmade jewelry that is truly a collaboration between the owner and her jewel!

Certainly, a label that you should know – from the Pink City Atelier comes the Ghiya household magical work of ornaments that fuse a youthful vibe with its global narrative and its signature custom cut precious stones designs.

Eyes wide admiration to their beautiful sharp forms and gentle forms collections that are intensified with juicy diamonds, gemstones and 18K yellow gold!

Tallin jewelry, Agaro jewels, nude, magazine, nude magazine, lifestyle magazine

The Line

The Capital’s fine jewelry label that is a reflection of minimalist gold jewelry that is wearable, modern, and exudes understated luxury in its sheer simplicity.

Natasha Khurana’s setting of each design and collection, from the Classics to the festival edits and Everyday Essentials, is a touch of sparkle that you will never really take off!

Exploring her pieces will surely transport you to a dreamy, colorful world – decorated with tourmaline necklaces, encircled with Loopy Hoops, and breaking the rules with Asymmetry!

The-line, jewelry, lifestyle, nude, nude.in, magazine, lifestyle magazine, gift ideas,


Diane Singh

A delightful find is yet another eponymous label that does true justice to elegance in everyday wearable pieces. Minimalist designs handmade in silver, gold plated 18K with natural semi-precious gemstones that are bodacious, contemporary, and add grandeur to your poise!

Diane’s French sensibilities as a designer and her focus on details is evidently seen in her filigree earrings, magical gemstone necklaces, and more. Her collections are her inspirations from the five elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space, along with India’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal carvings and symbols that add gravitas to her unique pieces.

Diana singh, jewelry, nude, magazine, nude magazine, lifestyle magazine



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