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Angel Tarot Reading to Guide Decision-Making

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As complex individuals we are always seeking a sense of tranquillity and direction. Answers to guide us in our life path and to appease our emotions. Angel Tarot reading, a popular medium is one such energy tool that people are turning to to seek clarity.

 Nude sheds the light on what is Angel Tarot and how it operates through a conversation with Maana Dabral, a spiritual healer whose goal is too spark the soul’s inner light to foster happiness and invoke clarity. To this end, Maana uses 20 or so modalities including Past Life Regression Therapy, Chakra Healing and Angel Tarot.


Angels are guiding you

The Angel tarot is one of the most beautiful and gentle divination tools through which the universe gently guides you and gives you insight into your current ongoings in life through beautifully illustrated cards.

Though the traditional decks can be very telling, there is an element of joy, lightness and pure magic when you read with angel decks. 

Angel Taror, Maana Dabral, Dabral, wellness magazine, lifestyle, tarot, life, spiritual, yoga, inner peace, inner glow, glow, glowing, soul, healing, tarot 

Angel Cards vs Tarot Cards

The traditional deck has 78 cards with prefixed meanings to each card. On the other hand, Angel tarot decks and Oracle decks are varied in style and formats as various energy workers devise them. These formats are very fluid and mainly open to profound interpretation, depending on your style of reading tarot. There may be short explanation notes that accompany each card, which you can choose to include in your reading or ignore altogether and just have the images speak to you and interpret the cards in that format, depending on your style. 

For someone as intuitive as me, the traditional deck is somewhat restrictive. I don’t like to learn the meanings of decks beforehand; I want to go into a free flow of reading because each soul brings a different energy to every reading, and if you are in tune, the tarot deck also speaks to you accordingly.

I have experienced this often. If on the same day, at two different points when I am doing readings for two other people and the same card comes up at both times, it’s incredible how it completely shifts how I look at it and interpret it from one person to the next. That sort of expanse I deeply enjoy as someone who gives these readings.  

Also, Angel tarot decks and Oracle decks are great for people who are not doing this professionally but still feel drawn to tarot! 

These decks are a great way to begin reading for yourself because there are various decks you can pick from: flower illustrations, crystals, animal whisperer, abstract art, zen, Tao – you name it! 

It’s less intimidating for a first-timer, and you can explore it at your own pace. And for the experienced reader, it is as expansive as your abilities take you!  


Reading by deep intuition

I love introducing angel tarot to people who have never experienced tarot by giving them absolute blind reads. 

Blind reads are when strangers come to me for readings; I offer them to tell me nothing about their past or present circumstances; instead, I pick cards and do deep intuitive readings in this format for them. It is a sure way to get the most skeptical and doubting crowd to sit up and take notice! 

It creates a sense of authenticity. It allows them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions or just participate with genuine interest and take away something of value by the end of it. The whole experience is then not treated as mere false entertainment as enforced by TV shows and movies that show tarot readers who sit with crystal balls, low pitched voices and bad wigs!


The ripe time for Angel Tarot

When you are confused, need guidance or some neutral perspective, that’s a good time to seek a reading. When you just need to step out of your circumstances to detach and look at life, angel tarot can be a great insight giver. Sometimes all we need is a perspective shift and look at the situation from a bird’s eye view, and some higher guidance along with that distance, more often than not, brings in a somewhat surprising calmness and much-needed insight. 


Tarot is a tool not a crutch

Turning to tarot and being dependent on it before taking minor decisions is what I caution people against. As long as it is used as a tool and not a crutch, tarot readings can be a great experience. Your read’s quality is also deeper as long as you don’t keep turning around to ask the same question repeatedly. Once you have explored an issue with tarot and have gotten the insights, understand the shifts you need to implement…do your bit, and give it time to unravel and show up in life.


The future is ever-shifting

One common misconception is that tarot is predictive and can tell you your absolute future. Anyone who claims to do this – I say run before that person picks you your next card! (giggles)

The future has infinite possibilities that shift from moment to moment, depending on what action course you take (free will essentially). Circumstances are a complex mesh of all our free will put together that is so dynamic and ever-changing that no one can predict a set future. 

But yes, one can get a good insight of how the future will look based on your now, because most people don’t intrinsically change, so it is your present that proves to be predictive of your future. It’s like saying someone lazy for 15 years, over-binging on sugar, will he get diabetes? Based on his history, he just might. But he is one thought away from never touching sugar again and getting fit. If he implements the latter thought process, can you still predict him being diabetic? It’s the same analogy. 

So, you understand, no future is set in stone.

My advice? 

Take the insight you get about your now and shift what you need to – that is the most accurate advice to impact the future.


Angel Tarot’s most popular themes

It always begins or ends with “How successful will I be!”

The next closest contenders are always age-specific questions…young women want to know when they will be married (their anxious parents sometimes more so thank them).   

Men want to know if they should leave their current job and begin something of their own. Married couples sometimes want to know if their soulmate is still out there and if they rushed into their marriage. 

Everyone is divided by the differences but united by the common grievances of relationships, careers, moving and countries perplexities. And just when all the questions are over, and I am keeping away the deck, there will be this: “Can I ask one last question!” That one’s a given every single time!

 Angels are whispering to you, all you have to do is tap into that energy!

This interview has been edited and condensed.


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