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Chasing Happiness Interview with Srishty Rode

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A glass of wine, so divine

In a place that is so sublime

It makes you lose track of time….

Quoting Srishty Rode from her Instagram handle @srishtyrode24

While enjoying her extraordinary stay at The Source at Sula, we borrowed some leisure time from her so that we could bring the immense energy of this beautiful artist and inspire our readers at Nude about the simple things that makes one happy!

Entering the Srishty zone of Happiness in conversation with Margo Samant.

How do you stay fit?

I love dancing and I’ve been passionate about it since I was a child. So of course, it makes up a big part of my fitness routine. And I also regularly practice yoga. I’m not a fan of going to the gym, and I don’t think it’s a necessity for your fitness. Any physical activity, be it dancing, swimming, yoga, can help you stay fit.

What is that fitness challenge that made you feel victorious recently?

I couldn’t do a headstand myself – I suffer from severe migraines, which is why initially I couldn’t even think of practicing a headstand as I believed it would worsen my migraines.
But the reality is, headstands can actually improve blood flow and eventually help with migraines.
For 3 whole months of lockdown, I have been practicing at home – a few falls and through my mother’s literal support I learnt it!

Share with us your Lockdown lessons to lift up spirits…

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I realized early on that I’ll never get this time again.
So, I wanted to explore something else, a new part of me, apart from doing the household chores that we all did.
– I worked out at home with resources online
– I also dabbled in playing the piano that has been in our house for a while
– already spoke (giggles) about the headstand

I did not let my time go waste, I was looking at an optimistic approach to the situation and hence I have thoroughly enjoyed my time – learning about myself!

That sounds awesome! So, how would you define the mantra for your glowing self?

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(Smiles) I honestly don’t do anything special. It’s more about your internal processes, I think. Your body reflects how you feel on the inside. Smiling and all is great, but being happy and satisfied from within, doing things for yourself, all of that just add to your glow. If you’re internally happy, you’ll glow externally.

Great insight!

Yes, just internally keeping your soul clean and happy; that should be the first step. So, whatever it is that makes you happy, you should pursue that. It could be the smallest of things.

What is it for you?

I still love to watch cartoons.
I’m sure even at 60 I’ll still be watching cartoons. (Laughs)

And the happiest activity any time of the day?
Dancing makes me very happy. I’m the happiest when I’m dancing or listening to music.
In whatever mood or frame of mind that I might be in, I like listening to music that reflects that mood.

Nice… any particular music you prefer?

Well, it differs each day.
It changes according to my mood.
Sometimes I’m in a zone where I want to hear soft music, sometimes party music.
The vibe here is so nice and dreamy, so I’m chilling on the tunes of soft music when I’m here.

How does it become a part of your daily routine?

Oh! That is interesting…
When I do home workouts, I have 10 minutes slated for dance. It’s my special ‘something extra’ and I make sure to always integrate it at the end of my routine.

Like your own defined cool down or Shavasana…

(laughs) Yes. So, after workouts, I do some dancing just like Shavasana

Looks like I have to try this out.

Oh, you must!

This was Srishty, her easy vibe of being happy and seeking it from smaller and joyful things around you.
Ending it too with her quote that could be a really interesting advice for our readers.Shrishty Rode,, nude, interview, lifestyle, sula, sula vineyards,, nude, Bollywood, influencer, popular influencers

“What matters is what you think of yourself.
And if you have a good impression of yourself, I think that’s about it.
You too can chase happiness!”

This interview has been edited and condensed.


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